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Michael Jackson's Chimp Bubbles Was ABUSED Under His Watch, Says Jane Goodall!

Jane Goodall said that Michael Jackson abused his pet chimp Bubbles!

When it comes to chimpanzees, Jane Goodall is the world's leading authority.

So when she says that Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles was abused when under MJ's care, we believe her.

When leaving an event in D.C., Jane said that Bubbles was

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Yelling Sheep Sounds Like Ray Romano After A Nut Punch!

Filed under: Mike TysonFunnySheep

HA! Omg that sheep is HIGHlarious!!!

We've seen about a billion screaming goat videos but this guy is special!

He doesn't just yell or making weird noises…

He screams his face off for a really long time!!

It kinda sounds like if Ray Romano got punched in the nuts by Mike Tyson.

Close your eyes, and picture that image as vividly as you can and listen to just the audio of this video, you'll see what we mean.

Check out the video (above) to see a Barbary sheep yelling like a nut-punched Ray Romano!

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Man Who Punched Horse Claims To Be Animal Lover!

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Horse punch

In the UK, after Sunderland beat Newcastle 3-0 the soccer fans did what they did best… they rioted.

Upset Newcastle fans started causing all types of public disturbances!

29 people were arrested for public disorder type offenses but the worst was a man who literally punched a police horse in the face!!

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Hyper Puppy One Punch K.O.s Pug

Filed under: Cuteness!DogFunny

Ha! That is one hyper little pup!

His pug pal just stands there, panting at him.

Clearly he's not in the mood for play time, or he's pooped from just finishing playing with this little wind up toy of a dog.

Mr. Hyper decides if Dr. Pug won't play, then he's gotta take him down… once and for all.

Check out the video (above) for a one punch knockout.

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Woman Punches Bear In The Face To Save Her Dog

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Black bear

This lady's got some serious balls courage!

Black bears aren’t uncommon in Alaskan neighborhoods. Many are very comfortable walking right into a resident’s backyard. That’s exactly what happened when a large black bear walked into Brooke Collins’ backyard in Juneau and grabbed her dachshund, Fudge.

She didn’t see the bear when she let her dogs out, but she heard the barking immediately, calling it “the most horrible sound in the world.”

When she got outside, she saw the bear carrying her dog “like a salmon.”

In protective mommy mode she ran directly to the giant bear and punched it right in the nose!!

The bear was so surprised it dropped the dog and ran off into the woods! Go, gurl!

Reflecting on her reckless heroic actions, Collins said:

“It was all so fast. All I could think about was my dog was going to die. It was a stupid thing but I couldn’t help it. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I didn’t want my dog to be killed.”

Fudge suffered only some minor scratches and bite wounds. No veterinary action was necessary.

We DO NOT recommend punching bears. (because it’s mean… and deadly.)

[Image via WENN.]

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Woman Attacks Brooklyn Bus Driver For NOT Hitting A Dog!

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueDog

Woman attacks brooklyn bus driver

What!? Is this lady cray cray?

Yanira Otera, a woman riding a Brooklyn bus, began to punch and scream at the bus driver after he swerved the vehicle to avoid a dog running out in front of the bus last week.

The 24-year-old driver, John Russo, recalled the incident, saying:

"I stopped—and I prayed to God I didn't hit the dog. And within seconds, this short woman comes up, rips off my badge and punches me in the chest!"

While pummeling the poor bus driver who managed to miss the dog, the woman yelled:

"You should have f*cking killed the dog."

And YOU should be ashamed of yourself, lady! The bus driver, whose own Jack Russell had recently passed away, did the right thing!

Although the bus shook the passengers around a bit as a result of the drivers maneuvering, nobody was hurt, so what was she complaining about?

What's worse is the woman proceeded to threaten that her boyfriend would kill him!

Yikes! This lady has some serious issues and we hope she gets some HELP!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Man Punches Shark, But Makes Sure To Snap Photo Before Attack!

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueAttack!


This guy is brave!

Kris Kerr was taking pictures of his friend surfing in the water off of Florida's Smyrna Beach when he noticed a shark coming toward him!

He aimed his camera as the shark was charging toward him, took a picture, and then punched it in the face, avoiding any injury whatsoever!

Kerr said that he made a vow that if a shark ever came toward him, he'd try to take a picture of it.

Looks like he kept his promise to himself!

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