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Over 400 Neglected Animals -- Including Cats, Rabbits, Turtles, & Even An Alligator -- Rescued From A Single Disgusting Home!

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This must have been one truly disgusting rescue mission.
When you hear “Operation Noah’s Ark“, you may be inclined to imagine a group of people pleasantly interacting with sets of beautiful animals.
Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth… as authorities in Upstate New York just rescued more than 400 animals from a home in worse than dire living conditions!
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According to the Nassau County SPCA, workers were called to a home on Tuesday when neighbors reported strange smells and noises coming from the house… only to find hundreds of birds, turtles, and other pets and wildlife left to die.
Apparently, home owner Gary Gruber had become too old to take care of the animals himself, and despite his best efforts, the creatures were living inside feces-encrusted cages that took eight hours to clean.
Of the 400+ animals found, authorities identified 251 birds, 151 turtles, four reptiles and a dozen mammals — including rabbits, prairie dogs, a chinchilla, a skunk, and even African Grey parrots and other endangered tortoise species!
This news comes less than a year after Gary was cited for keeping a 4-foot long alligator in his home… but for some reason, he was allowed to keep his six cats and dogs despite potentially facing animal cruelty charges.
Thankfully, the birds and turtles have been taken to a wildlife sanctuary in Long Island.
[Image via Newsday.]

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Jun 23, 2016 14:53pm PDT