All The Mother/Daughter Activities Kris & Kylie Jenner Can Do Now That They’re Both *Potentially* Single!

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Nothing like a little mother/daughter bonding!

As we previously reported, both Kris and Kylie Jenner appear to be single as their relationships with Corey Gamble and Tyga have supposedly cooled off. While neither of the Jenner ladies have confirmed their solo status, we can’t help but think about all of the fun activities the twosome can do if they’re REALLY sans scrubs.

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We mean, what better way to get over a split then with some mommy/daughter time???

So Kris and Kylie, if you’re reading this, please enjoy our suggestions (below)…

10. Go On A Road Trip

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Remember when Kris forced a reluctant Kylie to go on a road trip to La Jolla with her? We certainly do. The duo bonded by hitting up an amusement park that Momma Jenner used to go to as a kid. We think they should have another road trip, just the two of them!

9. Begin Planning A Mother/Daughter Fashion Line

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What better way to get over heartbreak then to throw yourself into a new project. We know Kris would just LOVE to collaborate with King Kylie on something — anything really.

8. Start Their Own Book Club

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Screw Kim‘s book club! Kris and Kylie should launch their own book group. First novel on deck… Eat, Pray, Love! It’s VVV on brand.

7. Set Up Each Other’s Tinder Accounts

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The best way to put a relationship behind you is to find a rebound! Which is why we think Kylie and her momager should try their hands at online dating. There are plenty of young men eager to date a Jenner!

6. Make Voodoo Dolls Of Their Exes

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The only way to ensure that your ex won’t leak private info to the press is to curse them via voodoo doll!

What, it’s just a suggestion!

5. Throw A Ladies Only Party

Go Bestfriend!! 🤣 @krisjenner tag your bestieA post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 22, 2017 at 11:45am PST

Sorry, Rob! Kris has a million daughters, so she and Kylie should plan a girls only bash with all of their favorite ladies. It could be a fun time!

4. Book A Mother/Daughter Magazine Cover

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Prove you’ve totally moved on by rocking a magazine cover with your flesh-and-blood. There’s gotta be a mag out there who would want these two on the cover. LOLz!

3. Move In Together

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Both Kris and Kylie have HUGE homes all to themselves. Maybe it’s time the youngest Jenner moves back home???

2. Throw Shade On Twitter Together

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If you want to distract the press from your heartache, just DRAG an unsuspecting celebrity on Twitter. It’ll change the headlines VERY quickly…

1. Just Enjoy Each Other’s Company

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Finding comfort in loved ones is crucial following a highly publicized breakup. If they just spend some time together, they’re sure to get through all of this easily.

Stay strong, you two!

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Mar 29, 2017 3:36pm PDT