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Khloé Kardashian Has A REALLY Creepy Theory About Who Corey Gamble Really Is!

Khloé Kardashian Has A REALLY Creepy Theory About Who Corey Gamble Really Is!

Things are getting creepy over on The Kardashians!

The famous family’s latest Hulu episode saw them jet off on a kid-free trip to Aspen, Colorado for some quality hangout time. Everybody was there — and in a pretty goofy and strange mood, to be honest!

It all started when the group was hanging out in a circle and discussing an incident that occurred in Miami, Florida back in January. In that event, people at a mall in the south Florida city claimed that aliens had visited. Yes, aliens!! At a mall!

Rumors started circulating online that a supposedly eight- or ten-foot tall alien had shown up at the shops. Local cops thought it was stupid. And we do, too. If you were an alien traveling from another galaxy, would you really come all the way to the earth to go to a f**king mall?! Yeah…

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But you know who didn’t think it was stupid?! Khloé Kardashian!! And her brother Rob! During Thursday’s brand-new Hulu ep, Khloé made the case for alien existence and earthly encounters. Right away, her momager Kris Jenner tried to play the voice of reason, saying to the group:

“Where are all the videos?”

To which Khloé firmly (and convincingly, TBH) shot back:

“Mom, are you kidding me? They have technology that wipes it all out.”

But, like, that’s a hell of an argumentative tactic: not only do aliens exist, but there is technology which magically wipes out all video proof! Just trust us! Pinky promise! LOLz!!

Khloé was quick to tap in Rob to the debate, and he backed her up. In a confessional clip spliced into the scene, the Good American founder explained why she wanted Rob on her side:

“I love conspiracy theories. I don’t have to believe them all, but I f**king love them all and my brother is right there with me.”

Ha! Love it! And indeed, Rob was definitely on board with the alien theory! He expounded:

“There are seven species of aliens and there are good aliens and bad aliens.”

Seven species?! That’s very specific! But then it was time for Kris’ longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble to jump in and have his say on the matter! Speaking calmly and confidently, Corey corrected Rob:

“There are more [species] than that, Rob.”

That’s quite a theory! And that is also when Khloé dropped her bombshell theory! The Revenge Body host admitted that she thinks Corey is from another planet!! She said:

“I definitely think Corey is an alien, by the way. I’ve already told Corey that.”


Rob agreed, and explained his thought that aliens have been on earth for nearly a full century now:

“They’ve literally been here since, like, the ’40s.”

But Corey was there to correct him on it AGAIN! Gamble answered:

“Centuries, Rob, centuries.”

Hmmm… this man sure knows a lot about aliens, and how many species there are, and how long they’ve supposedly been on this planet. Maybe Khloé is right and Corey really is an extraterrestrial?!?! Ha!!

[Image via KUWTK/YouTube/Hulu/YouTube]

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