Get Ready To Weep Again — James Gunn Has Another Heartbreaking Groot Reveal!

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Why does James Gunn want to make us cry? WHO HURT YOU, JAMES???

As if the Guardians of the Galaxy movies didn’t have enough tearjerking moments, the writer-director has to occasionally reiterate points to the audience to make them cry even more.

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For instance, fans were happy to believe Groot, who sacrificed himself at the end of the original film, was alive again as Baby Groot — until Gunn crushed that quantum of solace by explaining OG Groot is completely gone and Baby Groot is more akin to his son, since it’s how his tree race reproduces.

Now he has a reveal about a Teen Groot moment in Avengers: Infinity War that will make you cry all over again…


If you’re still reading this, you better know by now the shocking ending of Infinity War in which Thanos gets all the stones, snaps his fingers, and makes half of all living beings disappear into dust in front of their loved ones’ eyes.

One of the saddest of these deaths is Rocket having to lose Groot all over again.

When he dissolves, Teen Groot says one last thing to the irascible raccoon who raised him from a twig:

“I am Groot.”

Because that’s how everything he says sounds! But what was he actually saying? A fan had to ask James Gunn, who tweeted:


When he saw the tsunami of tears after a few hours, Gunn tweeted:

Not everyone was sad; some people didn’t even believe him! They thought he was just trying to upset people for fun!

But he assures fans it was always in the script. In fact, we hear Rocket responded in one version, actually saying the words:

“He called me ‘Dad.'”

So the audience would have known. But paired with just having lost Black Panther and being about to very slowly lose the new Spider-Man… Well, it was just too much.

What death broke YOUR heart the most in Infinity War??

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May 7, 2018 5:27pm PST

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