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Bam Margera Reportedly Running From Pennsylvania Cops After Allegedly Making 'Terroristic Threats'

Bam Margera Reportedly Running From Pennsylvania Cops After Allegedly Making 'Terroristic Threats'

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Bam Margera is the subject of an arrest warrant after an apparent Sunday morning incident in Pennsylvania. Now, cops are trying to find him, but he has reportedly run off into the woods.

According to TMZ, the Jackass alum was involved in a “reported disturbance” around 11:00 a.m. ET on Sunday morning. The incident took place “near Pocopson Township,” per the outlet. That is in the far southeastern part of the state — not far from Philadelphia, and just outside the city of West Chester, where Bam grew up.

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As for the incident itself, it’s still not totally clear what caused the issue to occur. The outlet reports the former reality TV star “got into an altercation” with family members in their home. Then, before Pennsylvania State Troopers could show up to investigate, Bam allegedly “made a getaway into the woods.”

Cops questioned the other party involved, who is reportedly Bam’s brother Jesse. Per the outlet, Bam allegedly carried out “some sort of physical confrontation” on the other man before police were called. Then, the MTV alum vanished. Per the outlet, he “fled the scene of the incident into a nearby wooded area,” and now police don’t know where he is. As of Monday, the State Troopers still haven’t been able to track Bam down.

The police report filed on the situation notes Bam allegedly banged on his brother’s bedroom door beginning at 8:00 a.m. local time on Sunday. When Jesse didn’t answer, Bam allegedly “left an ominous note behind.”

Per the report, the note read:

“If you even f**king think of calling the police on me I will officially f**k you up.”

Jesse did just that — call the police — and then went downstairs to allegedly find Bam “peeing into the kitchen sink.”

At that point, the news org claims, a fight broke out. Jesse told cops that Bam allegedly “wailed on him,” and “struck him multiple times in the head.” Once the brawl ended, Jesse claimed Bam allegedly said he would “kill everyone in the house,” including his father Phil and two unnamed women living there.

Then, the troubled reality TV star reportedly directed this statement specifically at his brother:

“I’ll kill you. I’ll put a bullet in your head.”


Bam then fled into the woods behind the family’s house before cops could arrive and take him into custody.

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Now, police have issued a warrant for Margera’s arrest. They are also asking for the public’s help in assisting them with his current location. The arrest warrant covers a whopping six charges, although as TMZ notes, law enforcement sources say all six allegations qualify as misdemeanors. They include four counts of terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, one count of harassment while subjecting another to physical contact, and one count of assault. Jeez…

Here’s hoping this situation can be addressed safely and quickly.

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