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2-Year-Old Boy Killed In Freak Bounce House Accident

2-Year-Old Boy Dies In 'Tragic' Bounce House Accident

This is heartbreaking!

A 2-year-old boy has died after an innocent afternoon in a bounce house turned into a deadly nightmare!

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday in Arizona at around 5 p.m. when several children were in the common party attraction (not the one pictured above, that’s just an example). Chaos ensued when the bounce house became “airborne” after a sudden gust of wind swept it away. It flew “into the neighboring lot,” the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office told People.

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Detailing what happened after the unexpected liftoff, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office continued:

“PCSO was called to the area of W. Rosemead Dr. and N. Bel Air Rd. outside of Casa Grande. That afternoon, several children were playing in a bounce house when a strong gust of wind sent it airborne into the neighboring lot.”

Two children were sent to the hospital, where Bodhi ultimately died. The second victim sustained “non-life threatening injuries.” After calling the incident a “tragic accident,” the police concluded:

“We would like to extend our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the grieving family.”

While this would be a tragedy no matter what, it is particularly heartbreaking for Bodhi’s parents, Cristy and Karl Naaf (a firefighter), who are expecting their second child in just weeks. Oof.

In an Instagram post by Phoenix Fire Station on Monday, the first responders mourned the loss of the little boy while asking for community members to support the family through this “[unimaginable] hell” by donating to a GoFundMe page that was set up to help the parents through this difficult time. A family friend explained on the fundraiser’s page:

“On April 27th, while playing in a bounce house, Bodhi was lifted airborne by a sudden gust of wind, resulting in fatal injuries. This devastating loss has left Karl and Cristy grappling with unimaginable grief. Adding to their challenges, Cristy is due to give birth to their second child on May 31, 2024. Amidst their sorrow, they face the daunting task of preparing for the arrival of their newborn.

As a community, we want to offer our support and alleviate the financial burden that accompanies such tragedies. Your donations will help Karl and Cristy focus on grieving their beloved Bodhi while also preparing for the new chapter in their lives.”

They have already surpassed their goal of $100,000. Those who wish to donate can do so HERE.

We are sending our condolences to this family! To lose a child this young is devastating. And in such a way? Unimaginable… May he rest in peace.

[Image via ABC/Hulu]

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