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Bam Margera Accused Of Threatening To Beat Man To Death For Noisy Sex!

Bam Margera Death Threat Brass Knuckles

Bam Margera is in hot water once again… this time for allegedly threatening to kill a man.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, the Jackass alum is accused of breaking into 28-year-old Daniel Cardenas‘ home while he was asleep in the middle of the night. He allegedly got into the homeowner’s face and threatened to beat him to death, with the victim claiming he said:

“You have 12 hours to leave the house or I will kill you with my brass knuckles.”

Cardenas said his roommate heard the threat and came into the room, forcing Bam to leave, but the MTV alum allegedly came back just 90 minutes later and said:

“You have 12 seconds to leave.”

This time, he shoved his fist — with a handful of rings — in the victim’s face as a threat.

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Cardenas says he lives in a Cali home with Bam’s girlfriend Jessica and her 8-year-old daughter — which they’ve been staying in since he got arrested for domestic violence last month. The reasoning for Bam’s threats may be he was apparently having very loud sex in the home which Jessica’s daughter might have overheard. The 28-year-old said:

“All I can figure is Jessica told Bam about the loud sex which her daughter overheard and this is why he was so upset, although it of course gives him no right to attack me, threaten my life, or kick me out of a home he has no rights to.”

He also claims during Bam’s alleged threats he said “That girl will have PTSD for the rest of her life” — which goes along with the 43-year-old potentially hearing about the, um, noise…

Bam is going to have to keep his distance, though — the court granted Cardenas a temporary restraining order. He’ll have to stay 100 yards from the victim at all times — and that means Jessica’s home, too. Wow…

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Apr 07, 2023 16:44pm PDT