Blake Lively Explains Her Huge Vagina Portrait In ‘A Simple Favor’

One of the features critics can’t stop talking about when it comes to noir comedy A Simple Favor is a portrait of a vagina.

A huge, closeup portrait of Blake Lively‘s character’s vagina, proudly displayed in her home.

After Anna Kendrick said the vagina was Blake’s idea, well, we just had to know WTF was up with that! (And if it was really Blake’s, er, Origin of The World.)

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At the movie’s premiere Monday night at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Vulture asked Blake all about it, and she explained she didn’t come up with the idea for having a big vagina portrait, she just had the visual inspiration for the look:

“The nude portrait was a very critical part of the film. The portrait itself, the execution of what said nude portrait would look like, was inspired by this iconic Helmut Newton photo. I felt like it had to be over the top and funny, and what I loved about the Helmut Newton photo is that it was very graphic and abstract, like a wide lens but shot closely, so it distorted everything. It almost looked architectural, but it was unflattering. It was a lotta crotch. I thought it was so over the top and funny that I thought, ‘We’ve gotta take this Helmut Newton photo and re-create that.'”

She did not, unfortunately, reveal whether she was the artist’s model as well as the muse.

A Simple Favor hits theaters Friday, September 14 — watch and decide for yourself!

Fun Fact: Helmut Newton was a formalist fashion photographer who pushed the envelope when it came to nudity; he was also known for visually striking, risqué black and white celebrity portraits, such as this famous shot of British actress Charlotte Rampling.

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Sep 11, 2018 12:06pm PST