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Baby Bat Saved After Suspected Cat Attack

baby bat is super cute newborn(1)
A worker at the Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland deserves a pat on the back!
They took in an injured little bat who was suspected of having been attacked by a cat.
Blossom is a Blossom Bat! She has a really long tongue used to get nectar out of flowers and is super cute.
When she was brought into the shelter, she was fed a nectar and milk formula.
She gradually gained weight and even began to practice flying at night.
Blossom Bats are actually threatened because of the loss of their natural habitat due to deforestation and real estate.
So little Blossom was eventually released back into the wild and now is living the free life of a wild bat!
Such a little cutie! Glad the Bat Conservation was able to save her life!
[Image via Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld.]

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Apr 05, 2013 14:02pm PDT

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