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Watch This Irish Family Freak The FUCK Out Over A Loose Bat In Their Kitchen!

Catch him, Daddy!!!
The truest viral videos are born in the moment, and nothing says unpredictable like a bat in the house!
The internet is flapping with delight over this video showing a quaint Irish family in peril as an intruding animal flies around their kitchen.
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After abandoning his father for safety, the user recording the video cheers on hero Derry to capture the winged-creature with a towel, but his sing-song commentary only adds to the chaos.
Everyone in the family is rattled by this nightmarish encounter — even the family dog, who is so startled it pees on the floor!
Watch the video (above) to see the fam go batty!

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Sep 06, 2017 15:39pm PDT

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