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Baby Bat Burritos Are Bundled Bliss-Bringing Beauties!

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This just in: baby bats plus mexican food equals pure cuteness.
Don’t worry, no one is eating bats with salsa… but they are making baby bat burritos!
Let us explain!
It’s not food! They’re just swaddling baby bats so they look like burritos! No bat eating here. LOLz!
The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre in Advancetown, Australia recently took in some flying fox pups and they’re super adorable.
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Sadly, during a recent heat wave, the bats were separated from their mother. Thankfully, the babies were rescued and have been receiving all the love and care they need.
The whole “love” part is apparently more important than you’d think too! These little babies need to be burrito’d so they feel safe and loved!
Everyone loves a good swaddling!
Check out the video (below) to see pure batty cuteness!!

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Dec 02, 2014 00:01am PDT

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