Bobbi Kristina’s Cause Of Death Has Been Established, But Here’s Why Medical Examiners Have Been Ordered Not To Release It To The Public

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Hopefully this will lead to some kind of closure.

It appears that authorities now know exactly what killed Bobbi Kristina Brown, but they refuse to release anything to the public yet, allegedly because of the active criminal investigation that could soon turn into a homicide prosecution.

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The Fulton County (Georgia) Medical Examiner has announced that they have a cause of death in the tragedy that befell Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s daughter, but they won’t yet release it to the public, since a Georgia judge has ordered those findings to remain private.

However, the Roswell (Georgia) Police Department has been briefed on the cause of death as their criminal investigation continues — and apparently they’ve been looking at BK’s boyfriend Nick Gordon ever since the tragedy happened.

The judge’s order clearly falls under the fact that the criminal investigation is still active; authorities likely don’t want Gordon — or any other person of interest — to be able to mount a pre-emptive defense based on public knowledge of the death before police can get what they need in their pursuit of justice.

However it plays out, here’s hoping law enforcement does the right things, and that there’s justice for the Brown family and the memory of Bobbi Kristina. It won’t bring her back, but hopefully it will help give the family a little bit of closure after her sad passing.

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Sep 26, 2015 11:37am PDT