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Bobby Brown Blames Nick Gordon For Killing Whitney Houston!

Bobby Brown Nick Gordon Killed Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina Red Table Talk

Wow, Bobby Brown dropped bombs on Red Table Talk!

The My Prerogative singer’s conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith and fam dropped Wednesday on Facebook Watch, and it is a scorcher! Not only did he discuss his own problems with addiction, he also said flat-out he thinks Nick Gordon killed not just his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but her famous momma, too!

As you probably remember, Bobbi died at just 22 years old after being found unresponsive in a bathtub after taking drugs — so tragically similar to how Whitney Houston went.

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We already knew the family held Nick responsible for Bobbi Kristina. Before his own fatal heroin overdose last year, Nick lost the legal battle against his late girlfriend’s estate; legally he was found responsible for her death and ordered to pay $36 million in damages.

Speaking about his daughter’s passing on Wednesday, Bobby lamented:

“She unfortunately was stuck in a relationship, an abusive relationship, with a boy that basically controlled her to the point where her life was taken.”

But he doesn’t blame Nick just for Bobbi Kristina’s death. He said the young man — who had been like a son to Whitney — had been a “provider of party favors” for both. And since both their deaths were drug-related (Whitney drowned in a bathtub while high on cocaine), that’s enough evidence for Bobby.

When asked if he held Nick responsible for Whitney’s death, too, he said:

“Definitely. Definitely. He was the only one there with both situations with my ex-wife and my daughter, and they both died the same way.”

Bobby said he intended on confronting Nick about this, but that he never got the chance; Nick died while Bobby was in rehab for his alcohol addiction.

Opening up about that struggle, he revealed just how much alcohol had wrecked his body:

“I started losing bodily function. My body started shutting down because I was drinking that much.”

The addiction had gotten past even inebriation — to the point of physical dependency:

“I wasn’t getting drunk anymore. I wasn’t getting a little tipsy anymore. I needed it to wake up. I needed it to stop the shakes, to function on a day-to-day basis. For me, it wasn’t recreational.”

It sounds like Bobby is lucky to be alive.

Unfortunately, as you may have heard last year, his son was not so lucky. Back in November, Bobby Brown Jr. — Bobby’s son with Kim Ward — became yet another casualty of drugs after ODing on a combination of alcohol, cocaine, and Fentanyl.

During the candid talk, the grieving father wanted to make it clear his son “wasn’t a [drug] user”:

“He would experiment with different things. It wasn’t like he was dependent on drugs like when I was in my situation. I depended, I needed it… He was a young man that tried the wrong stuff and it took him out of here.”

That experimentation with stronger drugs, Bobby wants it known, is “a real problem because they don’t know what these drugs are being mixed with these days.”

Bobby Jr.’s drugs were mixed with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid which also contributed to the deaths of Prince, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson. Bobby says of these deadly compounds:

“There’s murderers out there right now that are creating these synthetic drugs that are killing these kids, it’s like they’re committing murder. That’s homicide.”

But even while blaming others, Bobby recognizes his own infamous drug and alcohol abuse did not set a good example for his children:

“My babies are gone. I’ve been through my time and my time played a part in my son feeling he can test something. I feel guilty about that.”

But he’s hoping now to use his experience to warn young people and their parents, saying:

“It’s my duty to remind people that it can kill you.”

So much tragedy for one family to experience, all as a result of drug use. Just awful.

See the entire emotional interview on Red Table Talk (below):

[Image via Michael Carpenter/Chris Connor/WENN/Red Table Talk/Facebook Watch.]

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