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Boy Meets World Star Claims She Reversed Menopause With Help Of 'Shamans' In Belize To Get Pregnant At 54

Boy Meets World Trina McGee Reversed Menopause Pregnant 54

Trina McGee shocked a lot of fans with the news she was pregnant at 54 years old! Some may have even wondered if at that age she had already hit menopause. And it turns out… she had! Over a year ago!

Wait, huh??

The Boy Meets World alum spoke with ET on the momentous occasion of her pregnancy announcement — and explained how this was a bigger “miracle” than anyone realizes!

Trina already has three children, from way back in the TGIF days, if you can believe it — Ramia, 31, Langston, 29, and Ezra, 25. But this will be her first with husband Marcello Thedford. They’ve been married a decade and a half and apparently have been trying for a good chunk of that time:

“I have been saying I wanted to have a baby with my current husband of 16 years for quite a while.”

Unfortunately it just never worked. They considered IVF but ended up rejecting the idea. A year into menopause, Trina feared it was all over. But she didn’t give up hope.

She went to Belize, where her husband has a “cultural background” and worked with the Garifuna people. She says “shamans” there showed her which natural remedies she could take to reverse her menopause — and it worked! Not only that, their recommendations helped her finally get pregnant! Wow!

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In addition to some specific medicinal herbs, the TV star says relaxation was key:

“The number one thing for me is to not partake in any stress and stay away from negativity as much as I can, and that pertains to what I put on TV, what I — what I look at on my phone, you know, there’s so much drama and violence and negativity out there as soon as you turn on the screen. I really want to be pointed when I turn on the screen — what I’m watching. Because stress, for me, is the biggest factor.”

No wonder she said she’d be stepping away from social media for a while! Stress City! But leaving social media didn’t mean she couldn’t get some congratulations from her co-stars! She spoke to Topanga herself, Danielle Fishel, who co-hosts Pod Meets World with Rider Strong and Will Friedle, shortly before going public:

Well, most of her co-stars were happy for her.

Maitland Ward notably reacted to the baby news with a surprising amount of incredulity, saying she hoped this wasn’t just “a publicity stunt.” Wow. Kinda shady tbh. But Trina is blocking all that out. She said she’s keeping it all positive, just like when she got pregnant:

“Just sheer joy, sheer joy, and I don’t partake in any of the negativity anybody has to say about it. I am so happy. I have been blessed, and that’s it.”

Huh. A miraculous reversal of menopause. We can see why Maitland would be so surprised, but putting those doubts out there is a choice. Hmm.

What do YOU think of Trina’s medical miracle pregnancy??

[Image via Trina McGee/Instagram.]

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