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THE SHADE! Trina McGee's Boy Meets World Co-Star Suggests Pregnancy Isn't Real -- But A 'Publicity Stunt'!

Boy Meets World Maitland Ward Doubts Trina McGee Pregnant Shade

In case you didn’t hear the good news, Boy Meets World star Trina McGee is pregnant! Or… is she?

The actress made the happy announcement to her fans on Instagram Monday — a huge surprise since she’s actually 54 years old! But the news was even more of a head-scratcher for another alum of the Disney/ABC show…

TMZ cameras caught up with Maitland Ward, who played Rachel on the hit TGIF sitcom — and her take is actually pretty shady toward her former co-star!

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First she talks about how wild it is for her to be preggers so many years later, considering she’d had her first three back when the show was still on.

“I hate to say it, but my first thought was like, is this April Fools? When I read the post… I hope that it’s not like a publicity stunt or anything. I hope not.”

Whoa, what?! So wild that she’d jump to that, implying she thinks Trina might be lying! For someone who knows her personally to wonder about that first thing, that says a LOT. When asked why she’d doubt it, she explained she has “not seen any verification.” Maybe she’s curious how far along her girl is? After all, she posted this pic the same day as the announcement:

Trina McGee baby bump instagram
(c) Trina McGee/Instagram

Obviously this one pic doesn’t prove anything one way or the other (apart from Trina looks GREAT in her 50s!). But Maitland made a point of saying she wanted to see more, well… photographic evidence:

“I would hope that as she goes along she would show us her journey because that’s a big deal.”

She went on to encourage Trina to be open with the pregnancy as a positive beacon for other women getting “naturally” pregnant at advanced ages. But the fact this all came out of a place of doubting her girl was telling the truth… kinda shady, right?

See the full woman-on-the-street interview (below)!

What do YOU think of Trina’s announcement? And Maitland’s surprising reaction to it??

[Image via Maitland Ward/Trina McGee/Instagram.]

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