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Britney Spears Demands That Congress Get Back To Work Bitch!

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Britney Spears gave Congress the biggest shut down since…well, since they shut down the government!

We’re officially in Day 2 of the government furlough which has sent 800,000 employees home without a paycheck, and this drives Britney cray-zee!

Britney Spears made it clear on Twitter that she wants Congress to work it hard, like it’s their profession (which it is), to reach a deal on the budget:

She could not be more right! While the American people and economy suffer, lawmakers are basically taking a paid vacation. Come on! Break the ice, guys!

Our representatives can take that vacation when Congress isn’t in session, maybe even stopping by Vegas to catch BritBrit, but not now!

This shutdown is toxic!

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Oct 02, 2013 15:45pm PDT

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