Britney’s Drug Test Positive For Amphetamine!!!


Her lawyer is gonna have a lot of explaining to do!

It has been revealed that Britney Spears‘s recent failed drug test showed that the mother of two had been taking some kind of amphetamine.

What’s an amphetamine?

Cocaine. Crack. Meth. Speed. Etc. Etc.

An insider from Britney’s camp (probably that sketchy new guy she’s always with) first tried to spin the failed drug test by saying that it was Provigil which may have been detected. But Provigil would not show up on a court-ordered drug test unless they were specifically looking for it.

Now, Unfitney’s camp is changing their tune and saying that the drug that showed up may have been Albuterol, an asthma drug. It has been reported that Britney does not have asthma but she merely uses inhalers as an appetite suppressant.

Albuterol, however, is not an amphetamine, and the class of drug that showed up on Spears’ failed drug test is an amphetamine.

This idiot that is speaking for Spears trying to make things better should just shut up. He’s just making things worse!

Britney and Kevin’s lawyers are expected in court tomorrow, Wednesday.

Brit Brit’s in major trouble!

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Nov 13, 2007 3:41pm PDT

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