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'Racist' Royal?! Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Wondered If Meghan & Harry's Baby Would Have 'Ginger Afro Hair'

Camilla Parker Bowles Allegedly Wondered If Meghan & Harry’s Baby Would Have ‘Ginger Afro Hair’


Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chatted with Oprah Winfrey during their CBS special last year, making claims that there was at least one racist royal in the family discussing the color of their children’s skin before they were born, everyone’s been trying to figure out just who was behind those disgusting remarks. Well, it might just be Harry’s stepmom!!

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In Tom Bower’s revealing new book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, he says that Harry will expose Camilla Parker Bowles as “racist” in his upcoming memoir! And the accusations he has against her are pretty awful! An excerpt, obtained by Page Six on Thursday, has the royal biographer arguing that the Sussexes’ left the family because of shocking comments made by Prince Charles’ wife! He wrote:

“The Sussexes’ suspicion that the Duchess of Cornwall had made racist comments about [their then-unborn son] Archie had fueled their fearsome denunciation of the entire royal family.”

He didn’t leave readers waiting until the Duke of Sussex’s book drops supposedly in the fall. Tom noted the “racist” remark Camilla supposedly made was about what kind of hair their unborn child would have. What’s up with this family being so worried about what a mixed-race child looks like?!

Apparently, around the time Harry and Meghan’s romance became public, the young Prince would often meet up with his father and stepmom. It was during one of these visits that she reportedly let slip a truly disgusting remark. Bower explained:

“During those weeks, Harry met Charles and Camilla at Clarence House. In Harry’s version, the conversation alternated between serious and joking and touched three topics.”

The author continued:

“First, Harry was told that Meghan should continue with her acting career. Second, Scotland Yard could not automatically be expected to pay for his girlfriend’s 24-hour protection. And third, according to Harry, someone speculated about what his future child would ‘look like.’ In one version, Camilla remarked, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if your child had ginger Afro hair?’”

Harry allegedly “laughed” at first, but quickly changed his tune once he realized how upset the remark made his now-wife.

“Subsequently, Meghan’s reaction to that conversation turned Harry’s amusement into fury.”

As Perezcious readers know, this is all very similar to allegations Harry and Meg made against the royal family during their March 2021 Oprah interview. At the time, they claimed one member asked what color their child’s skin would be while the Suits alum was pregnant with their firstborn. Meghan claimed there were “several conversations” about the topic while Harry added:

“That conversation, I am never going to share. At the time, it was awkward, I was a bit shocked.”

They later asked Oprah to clarify the racist royal was NOT Queen Elizabeth II nor the late Prince Philip. Honestly, if that remark is true, they were sparing the Duchess of Cornwall. Although in September, reports that Harry was going to go after Camilla in his highly-anticipated book also began to make headlines, with Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, telling Closer magazine:

“I suspect Camilla will be in his sights, so I’d say Harry’s set to reveal any Camilla secrets. He’s already said he enjoys The Crown, which painted Camilla as the ‘wicked stepmother’ in a way.”

Paul added that the 37-year-old “could very well name” the seemingly racist royal who questioned their child’s skin color because of pressures from the book’s publisher:

“The publisher, Penguin, will no doubt want their money’s worth in this book deal. That means they won’t want vagueness — they’ll want names and specifics.”

Tom seemed to suggest the same when discussing Harry’s upcoming memoir, which will be ghostwritten by journalist J.R. Moehringer and explore the divide between Harry and Camilla (among other things). The 75-year-old writer penned:

“Meghan was expected to help the ghost-writer understand the pain inflicted by the royal family on herself and Harry. Among the targets besides William, Kate and Charles would be Camilla. Meghan had identified her as racist.”

Sounds like they should all be very worried.

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Speaking of the Archewell founder’s father’s reaction to all of this, Tom added:

“Camilla, he suspected, would be cited in Harry’s memoir as a reason for the couple to turn away from Britain.”

The explosive book also claims that when the Queen announced in February that Camilla would one day be made Queen Consort, the news was met with “stony silence” on Harry’s part.

“Harry’s refusal to acknowledge the Queen’s decision foreshadowed the problems to come. Charles had good reason to fear that Harry’s dislike of Camilla had been re-energized by Meghan.”

Claiming that Harry’s been negatively influenced by those in his inner circle, the author continued:

“Easily persuaded, Harry edged towards betraying his father, Camilla, the Cambridges and even the Queen … To earn out the publisher’s advance, nothing and no one had been sacrosanct.”

Geez. No wonder the royal family is freaking out over this upcoming release! Sounds like Harry is not messing around! Thoughts?! Do you believe that Camilla would have said something like this? Could she be the same person discussing Archie’s skin color?

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