Busy Philipps & Ellen DeGeneres Open Up About Experiences With Sexual Abuse

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Busy Philipps & Ellen DeGeneres Talk Sexual Abuse Experiences

Busy Philipps and Ellen DeGeneres are opening up about experiencing sexual abuse when they were teenagers. 

A week after revealing she was raped at age 14, the Freaks and Geeks alum appeared on Ellen and explained how she was inspired to make the revelation by Dr. Christine Balsley Ford’s testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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She said on Wednesday’s episode:

“It wasn’t something that I felt like I was ever going to blast out on social media. But when I saw her standing there, speaking her truth after 30 years, I was like, ‘It’s been 25 for me. I can do this. We can all do this.’ I feel like it’s a real moment of reckoning for women, that we have sort of collectively carried this burden for so long. And it’s time to share it.”

Ellen couldn’t agree more. In response to Busy’s admission, the daytime queen shared her own experience.

She told the audience:

“I was 15 and I had something happen to me. You just get so angry when someone doesn’t believe you, or [asks], ‘Why did you wait so long?’ It’s because we’re girls and we’re taught not to say anything and go along with it.”

But not anymore. The comedian added:

“This conversation needs to happen more. And people need to teach your children to speak up and don’t ever keep something in and don’t ever be ashamed and think that it’s your problem or your fault.”

For her part, Busy is sharing her truth — along with other “fun Hollywood stories” — in her upcoming memoir, This Will Only Hurt A Little.

Busy’s book comes out October 16, but you can watch a clip of her interview (below).

[Image via ellentube]

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Lady GaGa Reveals Her First Celeb Crush & First Kiss Playing ‘Burning Questions’!

Exposing GaGa!

Lady GaGa Answers All Of Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’!

Lady GaGa is getting the star treatment on Ellen

The singer and actress stopped in for Thursday’s episode to talk about her new film A Star Is Born and play a rousing round of Burning Questions — and some of her answers caught us (and Ellen DeGeneres) by surprise.

When asked who her first celebrity crush was, Mother Monster revealed she had a thing for Adrien Brody. (If you think that’s weird, Ellen said hers was Michael Jackson.)

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As for the first person GaGa kissed, the songstress said she smooched a boy from summer camp named Austin when she was 14 years old — to which Ellen quipped, “Wow, late.” Apparently, a star was a late bloomer.

Head over to ellentube to watch the game and check out more clips (below) to hear GaGa talk about working with Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born.

[Image via ellentube.]

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Christine Blasey Ford’s Powerful Testimony: Celebrity Reactions

Celebs React

Strongest Twitter Reactions To Dr. Ford's Powerful Testimony

Most of America tuned in to see the first half of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

His first sexual misconduct accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified about how he tried to rape her THEN was forced to undergo a strange cross-examination by a female prosecutor because the Republicans were too scared to ask her questions.

Video: Dr. Ford’s Opening Statement

It was heartbreaking, infuriating, and inspiring all at once, and celebs on Twitter had so many thoughts.

Many were simply supportive of Dr. Ford:

Some were mostly angry, for a number of reasons:

And Alyssa Milano, who was actually there…

[Image via CNN/YouTube.]

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Cher Throws Shade At Madonna On ‘Ellen’ — Feud Back On!?

Believe It!

Watch Cher Shade Madonna On ‘Ellen’!

Do you believe in life after feuding with Madonna? Cher clearly doesn’t.

The 72-year-old pop star was playing 5 Second Rule on Monday’s episode of Ellen when it took her all but three seconds to shade her Madgesty.

Video: Olivia Munn Talks ‘Predator’ Sex Offender Controversy

After she was asked for three stars she’d like to duet with, the Believe singer quipped:

“Adele, Pink and not Madonna!”


The shade seemed innocent enough, but Cher does have a history of sharing her rather brutal opinions about the fellow music legend — like, calling Madonna “rude” and a “c**t” in a 1991 interview.

Whatever issues Cher had with Madonna seemed to cool off as of 2013, when she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that their “thing” had ended and the two were “totally good.”

But that was five years ago. Now, we have to ask, was Cher really just playing around with her answer, or was some unresolved resentment bubbling to the surface? Was it Ellen DeGeneres’ plan all along to reignite the feud of the century? We can only hope.

Watch the video (below) and share your thoughts.

[Image via ellentube/Instagram]

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‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Talks Virgin Fantasy Suite Plans & Meets His First 3 Ladies On ‘Ellen’!

Ready For Love?

Colton Underwood's Journey As 'The Bachelor' Begins On The 'Ellen'

Break out the roses and champagne!

Colton Underwood‘s journey as ABC‘s Bachelor has officially begun. But before we get to the Bachelor Mansion, wild limo entrances and drama,  the 26-year-old stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about what he’s learned from his experiences on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise.

After grilling the former football player on what he’s looking for in his future wife, Ellen DeGeneres flat out asks the famed virgin how he feels about “Fantasy Suites” (which nine times out of 10 involves sex).

Watch (above) as Underwood explains what other, uh, unconventional things he plans to do with his one-one-one time. HINT: Ladies, bring your board games!

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In the next clip (below), Ellen surprises the Indiana native with the first three bachelorettes who will be competing for his heart.

Watch as lucky ladies Sydney, Annie and Katie play a rapid-fire trivia game of “Know or Go” in front of a live studio audience with their potential husband watching. The winner — Annie — is the only one who actually gets to meet Colton up close and personal, and there are definitely sparks!

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Missy Elliott Surprises Viral Star Mary Halsey AKA Her ‘Funky White Sister’ On ‘Ellen’!

'Work It' Girl!

Missy Elliott Surprises Her 'Funky White Sister' On 'Ellen'!

After going viral with her karaoke performance of Missy Elliott‘s Work It, Internet sensation Mary Halsey appeared on Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show where she was surprised by Missy herself! WATCH ABOVE!

On Thursday, the rapper — who previously championed her “funky white sister” on social media — wrote the following message on Twitter, calling Mary “one of the sweetest souls [she has] met.” So sweet!

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Celebrities Take A Moment To Remember 9/11


Celebrity 9/11 Tributes

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since 9/11.

The stunning attack on our country and the heroism that followed it are still fresh in our minds.

The same is clearly true of many celebrities, who took to Twitter today to mourn, to feel, to remember.

See some of the strongest tributes (below):


[Image via ATP/Joseph Marzullo/B. Roth/WENN.]

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Drake Texted Heidi Klum After Her ‘Ellen’ Appearance, And She DIDN’T EVEN RESPOND!

'You Snooze, You Lose!'

Drake Texted Heidi Klum After Ellen, And She DIDN'T EVEN RESPOND!

Sorry, Drake. But in love and rap, timing is everything.

Heidi Klum returned to Ellen on Tuesday and ended up dropping a bomb!

The previous time she was on the show, she was single and played that ‘Who Would You Rather’ game — picking Drake over most other guys.

Video: Ellen And Heidi Wear Matching Halloween Costumes

So Drake actually got her number and texted her!!! Unfortunately for him, he was too late — so she didn’t even respond!

Only Heidi, right??

See her tell the story about meeting the “love of her life” right before Drake’s text (below):

[Image via EllenTube.]

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