Noah Cyrus Says Lovelorn New Album NOT About Lil Xan!

'It All Blew Up In My Face'

Noah Cyrus Says Lovelorn Album NOT About Lil Xan!

Noah Cyrus tells Cosmo in a new interview she doesn’t even have anything to say about her relationship with Lil Xan.

But what she does say tells us all we need to know!

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Despite the PDA-filled music video for Live Or Die, she flat-out denies any of her new album, the Good Cry EP, is about that specific ex:

“This record is not about Lil Xan.”

She also slams the rapper’s claims the entire three-month relationship was a publicity stunt to sell records:

“No. I’ll make that clear—in bold and highlighted and underlined. I didn’t do anything for publicity.”

She continues:

“I don’t even have anything to say about that. It was perfect timing, that’s for sure. I think a lot of people thought it was on purpose, but it truly was just perfect timing. I was going through a break-up with somebody I was with for two years, and my heart’s still broken over that, and then I let somebody in and got too comfortable too fast, I think, and it all blew up in my face, like break-ups do.”

Later she goes into slightly more detail about that “big heartbreak” that preceded the Lil one:

“I went through a big heartbreak after being in a relationship for the past two years, and to suddenly have it end, when neither of us wanted that. But that was for the best.”

Noah says the rebound also hurt:

“I broke up with someone that I’d been with for two years only to open up to somebody new and my heart got destroyed there, too.”

But it wasn’t what the album is about. It’s not even all about the first breakup as some of it was written beforehand! She explains:

“I love writing sad songs. Whenever I go into the studio, I’m like ‘Guys, we’re probably not going to get an uptempo out of this!’

Every time I went into a session I had a new thing to think about. I didn’t go in thinking ‘Oh, we’re writing an EP,’ it was my escape. I was with my ex at the time and I would say, ‘you know, I wrote this song about the argument we had today’ and that’s how I would communicate. I didn’t know other ways to communicate. I write about so much personal stuff, it’s like reading my diary.”

Now we just need to know who Lil Xan wrote his verses about, considering he thought the whole relationship was “fake.”

Or not.

The Good Cry EP is out everywhere today.

[Image via WENN.]

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Noah Cyrus & Ex-BF Lil Xan’s ULTRA Romantic Music Video Is The Most Awkward Thing EVER!


Watch The SUPER Romantic Music Video Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan Made Before Their Breakup!

OH NO! uh…

Noah Cyrus and rapper boyfriend Lil Xan broke up pretty dramatically a couple weeks ago, all over a Charlie Puth eggplant meme apparently.

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But awkwardly, that was after they shot an incredibly romantic music video for their collab Live Or Die.

In addition to singing/rapping lyrics at one another like:

“When you lay by my side
I see the whole world through your eyes
Ride or die, you and I”


“And one plus one is two, and without you I think I’d go insane”

They just can’t stop making googoo eyes at one another for like three straight minutes.

We’re guessing Noah may wind up not wanting the poorly timed video out there for much longer, so check it out while the viewing is good (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

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Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan Dramatically Break Up Over Charlie Puth And An Eggplant Emoji


Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan Broke Up For The Weirdest Reason

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan have apparently called it quits — all thanks to Charlie Puth’s eggplant emoji.

The 21-year-old rapper and 18-year-old singer both took to their social media accounts to share heartbroken posts that seem to confirm they’ve ended their months-long relationship.

On Sunday night, Xan, whose real name is Diego Leanos, posted to his Instagram Story saying “I feel like I’m probably being cheated on.”

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The post was deleted shortly afterward, but not before it caught the eyes of Noah, who shared a screenshot of her text message with Xan capturing the moment their relationship took a nosedive: Noah sent him a meme of Charlie Puth’s head on a porn star’s body.

Xan wasn’t amused to receive the Photoshopped pic, which came complete with a huge eggplant emoji. He replied:

“Why did u send that pic. Wtf.”

In her caption, Noah revealed she was “heartbroken and confused” that such a harmless picture rubbed her boyfriend the wrong way, writing:

“This is the meme I sent Diego that made him think I’m cheating on him.”

She later went on Instagram Live and told fans she “never did anything that I’m getting accused of.”

But the damage was done. Xan deleted all his photos with Noah from his Instagram page and, for good measure, added a bunch of broken heart emojis to the bio of his account.

In an Instagram Live video Monday, Xan told fans he no longer plans to release the video for Live or Die, the song he did with Noah, as he had “been informed that basically it’s all fake and I’m being used.” He continued:

“So f**k it. I guess I was just being used. I thought I was in love but whatever. I’ll take that L. Heartbreak soldier, thanks Noah. Hope the song does well… People love to just hurt me. It just hurts so f**king bad.”

Cyrus then took to IG and shared that Xan was the one who cheated!!

Young love hurts, y’all. 

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN]

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Noah Cyrus Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression & Anxiety

Noah Cyrus Opens Up...

Miley's Sister Gets Candid About Anxiety & Depression

Noah Cyrus isn’t afraid to be honest…

In the September issue of L’Officiel USA, Miley Cyrus‘ sister discusses her latest EP (out August) where she opens up about her mental health issues, specifically depression & anxiety.

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The Make Me (Cry) singer revealed:

“This EP is mostly just about how my emotions have been, and about my anxiety, and about how I’ve been struggling with depression, and how it’s okay to feel those feelings… A lot of people like to judge you, and make fun of you on the Internet, and people make you feel crazy whenever you’re in a depression or having anxiety or having a panic attack. It’s about that and being sad and having your emotions and not being able to ignore the feelings you’re having.”

The 18-year-old’s new music will show off her “emo” side, which is influenced by brother and former Metro Station frontman Trace Cyrus.

“Yeah, this next series of my art and my music is going to be an exploration of a more ‘emo’ side for sure… I think that probably stems from growing up with Trace Cyrus in my house because he was the king of emo.”’

On a lighter note, the musician also reveals her (yummy) vice.

“Oh my go-o-od!… Chili Fritos. Chili Cheese—it’s my favorite. I’m gonna go get some right now. So yum. I sit around and eat junk food all the time.”

Sounds delicious, Noah!

See a photo from her fierce new spread (below):

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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Shawn Mendes Was The Big Winner At The 2017 MTV EMAs — But Who Stole The Spotlight With Their On Stage Performance?

Shawn Mendes Was The Big Winner At The 2017 MTV EMAs — But Who Stole The Spotlight With Their On Stage Performance?

shawn mendes wins big mtv emas

Oh what a night!!

On Sunday, the hottest acts from around the globe hit the red carpet for the 2017 MTV EMAs. The event, which was hosted by Rita Ora, took place at the SSE Arena in London.

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While Taylor Swift led the pack with SIX nominations for the award show, it was Shawn Mendes who walked away the big winner of the night. Yup, the Canadian crooner nabbed SEVERAL trophies at the EMAs. Bravo!!!

However, prizes aside, the performers for the televised event were the REAL stars of the evening. We mean, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, and Travis Scott all NAILED their respective on stage numbers.

For the complete winners list and details on certain standout performances, be sure to continue (below)… (more…)

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Watch Noah Cyrus Try To Outshine Miley Singing Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart In This Carpool Karaoke Preview!

Watch Noah Cyrus Try To Outshine Miley Singing Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart In This Carpool Karaoke Preview!

no title

How many Cyruses does it take to film a Carpool Karaoke episode? The whole rowdy family, y’all!!!!

Miley Cyrus headlined the latest installment of the Apple Music series, and was joined by the rest of her kin for some a long overdue bonding.

Daddy Billy Ray, momma Tish, brothers Trace and Braison, and sisters Brandi and Noah traveled alongside the superstar for some laughin’ and singin’. And of course, one Cyrus staple made the playlist!

Video: Miley Brings Vocals For Her Younger Now Performance At The VMAs!

In a preview clip, the entire fam jammed out to Billy Ray’s iconic 1992 track Achy Breaky Heart — especially little Noah, who made a point to belt out the lyrics louder than any other pop stars who happened to be in the passenger’s seat.

It’s hard competing to be daddy’s favorite in this fam! Ch-ch-check out the fun sing-along (below)! (more…)

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Noah Cyrus Strikes The Perfect Dichotomy At The MTV VMAs Red Carpet

Noah Cyrus Strikes The Perfect Dichotomy At The MTV VMAs Red Carpet

MTV VMAs 2017: Noah Cyrus walks the red carpet.

Sexy and comfy! LOLz!

Noah Cyrus figured out the perfect way to keep her comfort level high while also giving us some major sex appeal at the MTV VMAs!

The singer slipped on patent-leather thigh-high boots and paired those up with a soft and comfy-looking Kpodonou sweatshirt mini dress! Loves it!

Pink sunglasses, a glitter choker, and hoop earrings completed the edgy look.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Katy Perry Postpones Witness Tour Launch Due To ‘Unavoidable Production Delays’ — But Here’s The Good News!

Katy Perry Postpones Witness Tour Launch Due To ‘Unavoidable Production Delays’ — But Here’s The Good News!

Katy Perry

The first six dates of Katy Perry‘s Witness tour have been rescheduled.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old singer said her shows (originally scheduled to begin September 7 in Columbus, Ohio) will now begin September 19 at Montreal’s Bell Centre “to accommodate the complexity of the scope and enormous scale of this tour.”

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The Roar songstress penned in a statement: (more…)

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Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, & The Weeknd Lead The Pack As MTV Announces The 2017 VMA Nominees!

Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, & The Weeknd Lead The Pack As MTV Announces The 2017 VMA Nominees!

no title

Get excited, music peeps!

On Tuesday, MTV took to Instagram live to announce the nominations for the 2017 MTV VMAs. YASSSSS!

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Unsurprisingly, Kendrick Lamar got the most love (specifically eight nominations) for his ICONIC music video for HUMBLE. Not to mention, Katy Perry and The Weeknd are likely happy as they each snagged five nominations. AH-Mazing!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the full nominations list for yourself (below)! (more…)

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Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Has To Be So Protective Of Little Sis Noah

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Has To Be So Protective Of Little Sis Noah

Wise words from the big sis!

Miley Cyrus is looking out for her little sis!

With Noah Cyrus officially in the music biz alongside the Malibu singer, can you blame the 24-year-old entertainment vet for being protective??

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Speaking to Elvis Duran on Tuesday for iHeartRadio‘s Label Defiers podcast, Miley described what it was like as a child star:

“When you’re in this industry, adults treat kids like adults. I think the way people judge you or people would write articles on me when I was a kid going through the times of having crazy breakouts or going through break ups or whatever I was going through, people would treat me like I could handle those comments as an adult, like I had this thick skin.”

So, if there’s anything she hopes for Noah, it’s that she doesn’t succumb to the pressure of the industry: (more…)

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