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Celebrity Breakups Of 2024

Celeb Breakups of 2024

2024 is already a big year for celebrity breakups!

Just days into the new year, we had two shocking divorce announcements, starting with AJ McLean and his wife Rochelle ending their 11-year marriage. Shortly afterward, former Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo rocked Bachelor Nation by also filing for divorce! And the splits did not stop there! Since then, several famous couples — including Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr., and Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose — have decided to go their separate ways. And we could expect more as the year continues!

Check out (below) to see all the relationships that did not last so far…

Kelly Bensimon & Scott Litner

Former Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon Calls Off Her Wedding Just 4 Days Before -- And Details The Red Flag That Made Her Do It!
(c) Peacock/YouTube

Just four days before The Real Housewives of New York City alum Kelly Bensimon was supposed to marry wealth management consultant Scott Litner, she decided to call it off! The sudden breakup left everyone with one question: What happened? The Bravo personality revealed to Us Weekly that her fiancé refused to sign a prenup, which was “the ultimate red flag” to her! Kelly said:

“I haven’t come this far in business and life to start making poor decisions because of a man. He of all people should have understood the need to protect each other before we tied the knot. I’m truly shocked he refused a prenup.”

The RHUGT star added that he “thought that I would enter this union without legal protections in place, that I would leave everything to faith.” Well, Kelly wasn’t taking that risk and dumped Scott! Considering he works as a wealth management consultant, he really should have understood her desire to protect not only her assets but his as well, just in case! So Scott’s unwillingness to get a prenup comes across as super sus! We’re glad Kelly stood her ground on the matter!

Amber Portwood & Gary Wayt

Amber Portwood & Fiancé Gary Wayt Call Off Engagement After His Disappearance!
(c) MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube/Bryson City Police Department

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood and her fiancé Gary Wayt called off their engagement in June after he disappeared for days earlier that month. Gary went missing after he left their rental home in North Carolina and drove off following “an argument” with Amber. No one was able to reach him for days since he left his phone behind, causing the MTV personality and his family to worry. It wasn’t until June 14 that the Bryson City Police Department announced Gary was found, and the case was closed.

As for Amber and Gary’s relationship once he was located? Well, they weren’t able to move past what happened. A source for Us Weekly revealed they broke up, saying:

“They’ve decided that it’s over between them and their engagement is off. They have too much to overcome to move forward together.”

The insider noted that Amber “wants to be with someone who accepts her fully.” Apparently, his family was not happy with their engagement, and it“created some family tension.” The sources added:

“Gary’s family was looking her up online and looking at her past and not everything they saw online was true. And it was hard for Amber because she’s been trying so hard to move past it and move forward.”

Was his family’s reaction to their engagement what caused the big fight before his disappearance? Something tells us that is probably the case…

Billy Ray Cyrus & Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose split in 2024
(c) Firerose/Instagram

Seven months after their wedding, Billy Ray broke up with Firerose! And it’s a very messy situation, y’all! The Old Town Road artist filed for divorce in May, citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct.” Billy Ray even asked for an annulment since he believes their marriage was obtained fraudulently! According to the Hannah Montana alum, she lied about never having been married before! Whoa! He also claimed Firerose cheated on him. In court filings, he further accused her of racking up nearly $100k in credit card charges after he ended their relationship.


The 36-year-old musician fired back with her own filing and accused Billy Ray of “extreme verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.” Firerose explained his alleged struggles with substance abuse made him “unpredictable and volatile” towards her throughout their marriage. Then, Billy Ray responded by releasing a note she sent him begging him to take her back. In an amendment to his divorce filing, he also claimed she brazenly blocked one of his daughters — Miley, Noah, or Brandi Cyrus — on his phone to cut off communication. It’s unknown which one got blocked. But we bet it was Miley. The Flowers artist was not a fan of her father and Firerose!

With all this drama, it’s no wonder Billy Ray is reportedly “relieved” he and his estranged wife are over!

Sara Ramírez & Ryan DeBolt

Sara Ramirez divorces Ryan DeBolt in 2024

In July 2021, Sara Ramírez — who uses they/them pronouns — announced they separated from their husband, Ryan DeBolt, after nine years of marriage. The And Just Like That alum wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram:

“Ryan and I are no longer together. We remain loving and supportive in how we are choosing to forge our new individual paths. Thank you for holding space around our choices and respecting our families’ privacy as we navigate this process on our own terms.”

Now, three years later, Sara officially pulled the plug on their marriage. According to People, the Grey’s Anatomy star filed for divorce on June 11, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. And here’s an interesting detail about the filing. Although Sara and Ryan announced their separation on social media three years ago, they listed the date of separation as January 2018. Wow. They also requested the pair’s assets be divided per their prenuptial agreement and spousal support for both of them to be blocked.

Joe Jonas & Stormi Bree

Joe Jonas and Stormi Bree split in 2024
(c) MEGA/WENN, Stormi Bree/Instagram

Joe Jonas’ romance with model Stormi Bree “cooled off” after nearly six months of dating, according to Us Weekly in May. A source told the outlet they had to put their relationship on hold, explaining:

“Joe has a very busy schedule between his kids and his career, so his romantic life has to take a back seat for now.”

At the time, the insider said Joe’s focusing  on “his children and his passion for his music” and is living “a very fulfilled life.” They added:

“If the right person comes along, he’ll definitely make time for them in his life. [He] doesn’t feel the need to jump into a relationship with anybody. If it happens, it happens. But he’s really happy with where things are at right now.”

Back in January, Joe and Bree sparked romance rumors a couple of months after he and Sophie Turner announced their divorce. They were spotted at a private airport in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and eventually confirmed their relationship with a kiss. Two months later, their romance seemed to heat up. An insider claimed things were “getting more serious” between Bree and Joe. Now, their romance has fizzled out.

Harry Styles & Taylor Russell

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell split in 2024

No more Haylor 2.0! Harry Styles and Taylor Russell ended their relationship after less than a year of dating. According to sources who spoke to The US Sun in May, they went on a make-or-break trip to Japan back in April. Harry and Taylor were seen riding bikes around Tokyo at the time. They seemed like a happy couple. But come to find out that the relationship was put to a test on the vacation. And unfortunately, they did not make it as a couple afterward! An insider said:

“Harry and Taylor have ended their relationship. They went through a rough patch after their trip to Japan and are taking some time apart.”

What caused the rough patch? It sounds like, as what ended many celeb couples in the past, long distance hurt them in the end! The source further explained their connection had “become strained recently,” adding:

“He’s been in America and she’s been in London. They made a lovely couple and it was obvious Taylor made Harry happy. Things have become strained recently though and they’ve taken some time out.”

Whether Harry and Taylor give their relationship another go in the future, we’ll see. But for now, they’re dunzo!

Madonna & Josh popper

Madonna breaks up with Josh Popper in 2024
(c) Josh Popper/Instagram

The US Sun reported in May that Madonna and her 30-year-old boxer boyfriend, Josh Popper, split after one year of dating. A source shared with the outlet that their romance “fizzled out” after they struggled to spend quality time while she was on the road for the Celebration Tour. While Madonna and Josh are no longer together, the insider also noted they do plan to remain friends:

“Madonna has barely seen Josh for months because her schedule was so hectic. Things just fizzled out. There is genuinely no bad blood — they’re still fond of each other. At the moment their relationship doesn’t feel feasible and they’ve cooled things off, but they are staying friends.”

At least the two ended their relationship on good terms! Can’t say the same about many folks on this list…

Dorit & PK KeMsley

Dorit and PK Kemsley separate in 2024

Another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple bites the dust! During Season 13 of the Bravo reality series, Dorit and PK Kemsley’s marriage troubles were on display. In the reunion in March, the fashion designer revealed their problems “got progressively worse” after filming wrapped. Things were so bad between them that PK briefly stayed in a hotel. However, their marriage started to improve once he gave up alcohol. Dorit said:

“PK was drinking a lot and he’s a drinker. I just think that it’s very difficult to have clear-headed conversations when he’s drinking so much, so he gave up drinking.  That was a very pivotal moment, so things are – knock on wood – as good as they can possibly be.”

But flash forward to two months after the reunion, the Kemsleys took a step back from their relationship. They wrote in a statement:

“We as a couple have been subject to a lot of speculation about our marriage. We have had our struggles over the last few years and continue to work through them as two people who love each other and share two amazing children together. To safeguard our deep friendship and maintain a harmonious environment for our children we have made the mutual and difficult decision to take some time apart and reevaluate our relationship while we prioritize our children. We appreciate your love and support while we continue to do the work necessary throughout this journey.”

Dorit and PK have been married since March 2015. They share two kids: daughter Phoenix and son Jagger.

Bethenny Frankel & Paul Bernon

Bethenny Frankel and Paul Bernon split in 2024
(c) Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel and Paul Bernon’s love didn’t last! Breakup rumors started in May when a source told DeuxMoi that The Real Housewives of New York City alum ended their six-year-long relationship a few months ago. What’s more, he was already “out dating publicly.” Well, it wasn’t just a rumor! Us Weekly confirmed Bethenny and Paul ended their engagement! A mutual friend of the exes said:

“It just wasn’t going to work. They are so different — he’s an under the radar kind of guy.”

While it is sad their relationship didn’t work out, there is a bright side to this, at least. She kept the massive 10-carat emerald-cut diamond ring that’s worth over $1 million! Nice!

Ryan Seacrest & Aubrey Paige

Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige split
(c) Aubrey Paige/Instagram

A rep for Ryan Seacrest revealed to People back in April he and his 26-year-old girlfriend broke up after three years of dating. And they seemed to end things on good terms! A source told the outlet:

“After three beautiful years together, Ryan and Aubrey have mutually decided to part ways. They plan to stay in each other’s lives as good friends and support one another’s endeavors.”

People gave no reason for their sudden breakup. Given Ryan’s preferences for women in their 20s, we can’t help but think he pulled a Leonardo DiCaprio… again! As you may recall, the American Idol alum dated then-26-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine Waltz in 2009. He became romantically involved with Julianne Hough in 2010 and broke up with her in 2013 – when she was 25. Then, Ryan dated Shayna Taylor on and off for years until she was 28. And that brings us to Aubrey. She turned 25 in October 2023. Now look where their relationship ended up…

So when you look at all this, Aubrey possibly got the boot due to her age!

Alexia & Todd Nepola

Alexia and Todd Nepola split
(c) Alexia Nepola/Instagram

Alexia and Todd Nepola are divorcing after three years of marriage — but all hope is not lost in this situation! According to Us Weekly, The Real Housewives of Miami star’s husband filed for divorce on April 15 in Florida. The breakup completely caught fans, and even Alexia, by surprise. She addressed the news on Instagram Stories, saying:

“I am shocked and heartbroken that Todd has chosen to dissolve our marriage. I will take comfort in the fact that my friends and family will be by my side supporting me during this difficult time.”

But as we said, there is still hope for Alexia and Todd! The Bravo personality later shared on the Two Ts In A Pod podcast that they are in couples therapy – and have even been hooking up amid their separation! Alexa said she is willing to do whatever it takes to fix their marriage:

“I’m madly in love with him and I would want it to work out, so that’s why it’s so difficult. There’s a lot there, a lot to unpack. But, again, I feel that being in the public eye is so much harder and I think that’s one of the reasons that he’s struggling with it. … He does not like [being in the public eye], no.”

Was that what caused their relationship to crumble all of a sudden? Yes – but that is only part of their issues! When Alexia and Todd started dating, RHOM was already on a hiatus — a seven-year-long one! Once the show got picked back up, he apparently struggled with the spotlight. Oof. It’s not only that Todd did “not like” being in the public eye. The Housewife also admitted that they struggled with their communication:

“I just believe that we have to have better communication. You know, I think we’re both strong people and I think that we struggle with the way that we communicate. For me, [the marriage] was working. I just thought that there were typical fights and problems that every couple had. But, it’s not how much you fight or how hard you fight, it’s being able to work through those fights and finding resolution and I think that’s where we have our biggest challenge.”

Hopefully, Alexia and Todd can work things out! We would love to see them have a happy ending!

Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist breakup
(c) Gerry Turner/Instagram

While many Bachelor Nation fans hoped the beloved Golden Bachelor stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist would be one of the few couples in the franchise to make it, alas that wasn’t in the cards for them! Three months after their televised wedding in January, they announced on Good Morning America their divorce. In terms of what led to their split, Gerry and Theresa apparently couldn’t get on the same page when it came to where they wanted to live. She resided in New Jersey while Gerry was in Indiana. While the pair tried to find a home together, they just were not willing to relocate for each other in the end and decided it was in their best interest to part ways. So sad…

Fortunately, their divorce was super easy! According to TMZ, it was finalized by June.

Christine Quinn & Christian Dumontet

Christine Quinn & Christian DumontetSplit in 2024

Christian Dumontet filed for divorce from Christine Quinn — days after police arrested him for felony assault with a deadly weapon. In March, the tech entrepreneur allegedly threw a bag with a glass bottle inside at the Selling Sunset alum amid a violent “rampage.” However, he missed Christine and hit their 2-year-old son Christian Georges. Oh no! Their kid was treated by the paramedics and transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

Meanwhile, Christian was taken into custody. But that wasn’t the end of the drama. He returned to the couple’s shared home when he was released from custody the following day — despite Christine getting an emergency protective order against him. He was then arrested for a second time.

Although Christian denied his estranged wife’s recounting of events, she has continued to double down. The real estate agent also later revealed his history of mental health issues and alleged domestic violence following the incident, noting he even threw dog poop at her at one point. Since their domestic dispute, Christine claimed he’s tried to mess with her, even planting recording devices to watch her inside their home. So scary! He has been charged with three misdemeanors, including child abuse/endangerment, assault, and violation of a protection order.

In the divorce filing, Christian requested sole legal and physical custody of their son but allowed the reality star visitation rights. That won’t slide for Christine, though! She wants full legal and physical custody of their child, claiming her ex-husband “perpetrated acts of domestic violence and child abuse against [her] son and [her].” And she’s not going down without a fight when it comes to this matter!

Sacha Cohen & Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher split
(c) WENN/Avalon

More than two decades of romance are over. In April, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher announced in a joint statement on their respective Instagram accounts that they secretly broke up in 2023. They had even filed for divorce already! They wrote:

“After a long tennis match lasting over twenty years, we are finally putting our racquets down. In 2023 we jointly filed to end our marriage. We have always prioritized our privacy, and have been quietly working through this change. We forever share in our devotion and love for our children. We sincerely appreciate your respecting our family’s wish for privacy.”

Neither has revealed what led to their breakup. However, reports came out to say the divorce had “nothing to do” with the claims made by Rebel Wilson in her memoir. The Pitch Perfect alum alleged she faced on-set harassment at the hands of Sacha while working on The Brothers Grimsby. Although her allegations did not lead to his divorce from Isla, it seemed to play into their decision to drop the shocking news! The Confessions of a Shopaholic star apparently wanted no association with her ex amid his scandal!

So what really ended their marriage? Sources claimed there’s been trouble in paradise between Isla and Sacha for quite some time. Their relationship started to fizzle when they relocated their family to Australia to be close to Isla’s family. That move left them “shaky.” But the final nail in the coffin when it came to their marriage? The loss of her father, Brian Fisher, in January 2023. Everything changed at that moment. His death reportedly left Isla “absolutely devastated” and caused her to “reassess her life,” including her marriage to Sacha:

“It was one of those moments in life that changes you, and it wasn’t long after this that Isla began to consult lawyers about splitting up with Sacha.”

Ultimately, it sounds like their split was a long time coming…

Chance the Rapper & Kirsten Corley

Chance The Rapper and Kirsten Corley split in 2024
(c) WENN/Avalon

Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley are divorcing. They announced the end of their five-year marriage in a joint statement to Instagram in April, saying:

“After a period of separation, the two of us have arrived at the decision to part ways. We came to this decision amicably and with gratitude for the same time we spent together. God has blessed us with two beautiful daughters who we will continue to raise together. We kindly ask for privacy and respect as we navigate this transition. Thank you.”

Wow. For those who don’t know, Chance and Kirsten have a long history together. They first met when he was nine years old. But it wasn’t until 2013 that they began dating. Six years later, Chance and Kirsten got married. They had two kids, 7-year-old Kensli and 4-year-old Marli. Over the years, the 31-year-old rapper hasn’t been afraid to make music about their relationship. He even created an entire album about their wedding! So what happened to make them pull the plug on their marriage?

It’s unknown what caused the breakup. But a year ago, Chance displayed behavior that no wife would be OK with their husband doing! The Voice judge faced backlash when model Mela Millz shared a video of herself twerking on him at the Jamaican festival Carnival! He appeared really into it, too! The clip showed him grinding into her butt. He even slapped her booty at one point! Yikes.

Again, we don’t know what led to their divorce. However, we cannot help but think the video could have played into things. Did his wife feel disrespected after the footage? Did Kirsten later find out he got handsy with other women — or full-on cheated? Obviously, it could be as simple as they grew apart. But it would not shock us if something scandalous happened!

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott divorcing in 2024

We all saw this divorce coming from a mile away. After a long separation, Tori Spelling finally filed for divorce from Dean McDermott in March. She listed the date of their separation as June 17, 2023, the same day he posted and deleted the infamous breakup announcement. And they’re both making some big demands! Tori demanded spousal support but denied any for her ex-husband! She even requested he pay her attorney fees! When it comes to their five children, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum asked for sole physical custody — though was willing to give him visitation rights.

As for Dean? Well, these two seem to be at odds over those matters! He requested spousal support from Tori AND wants joint custody of their kids! Uh Oh. Hopefully, this doesn’t ruin the decent post-split relationship they’ve seemed to form…

Jeff & Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani’s Estranged Husband Accuses Her Of Being ‘Physically Aggressive’ In Response To Divorce Filing
(c) Selling Sunset/Netflix

Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani split! The Selling Sunset star filed for divorce from her husband in March after over six years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” However, their breakup was a lot more dramatic behind the scenes than that! Sources claimed Chelsea was “devastated” by their fracture because she thought Jeff cheated on her for months. Then, he dropped some shocking allegations about the real estate agent — accusing her of domestic violence and other “suspicious behavior,” including theft. Whoa…

Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr.

Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. breakup in 2024

Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. are no longer together! The couple reportedly were “no longer seeing one another” as of March 24. An insider told Life & Style that after six months, their romance “fizzled” out:

“Kim and Odell weren’t ever that serious, but right now they’re at different places in life. It was just fun but not happening anymore.”

Fortunately, there are “really no hard feelings” between them, the source claimed before adding:

“It was fun while it lasted!”

As you may know, the reality star and football player have been romantically linked since September. People confirmed they were “hanging out” after Odell broke up with baby momma Lauren Wood. While the pair have not gone Instagram or red carpet official, he and Kim were seen out together multiple times over the past few months — including the Vanity Fair Oscars party in February. But a month later, they’re done! We guess it wasn’t meant to be!

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan split in 2024

After a brief reconciliation earlier this year, Larsa Pippen is moving on from Marcus Jordan! Entertainment Tonight reported in March that The Real Housewives of Miami star officially ended her relationship with the 33-year-old after nearly two years of dating. As for why the split, an insider said the pair ended amicably and ultimately wanted “different things”:

“Larsa realized this relationship is just not the one for her after spending some more time apart, filming a new show. She wants to move on and focus on improving her life. They simply want different things out of life. Larsa wants more out of her partner, someone who is motivated like her.”

Despite their breakup, the insider noted they are open to maintaining a friendship in the future. Whether that happens, we’ll see! Or will they get back together again? Hmm. As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time Marcus and Larsa have broken up. In February, the pair sparked breakup speculation when they suddenly deleted pictures of each other from their respective Instagram accounts and unfollowed each other. Multiple sources also confirmed they did break up. But days later, they re-followed each other and reunited for Valentine’s Day. So you never know what will happen with these two! We may see them get back together in the future… again!

Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied Split in 2024

Natalie Portman is a single woman again. After 11 years of marriage, her rep confirmed to People that she and Benjamin Millepied quietly finalized their divorce in February. The Black Swan actress secretly filed for dissolution in July in France, where the former couple lives with their 12-year-old son Aleph and 7-year-old daughter Amalia.

The breakup news came months after the choreographer was speculated to have had a “short-lived” affair with 25-year-old French climate activist Camille Étienne. Natalie remained tight-lipped about what happened — though she noticeably stopped wearing her wedding ring last spring amid the infidelity rumors. Benjamin reportedly had been trying to win her back. However, it was too late. Now, they’re officially over!

KJ Apa & Clara Berry

Riverdale Star KJ Apa and Clara Berry Split in 2024
(c) MEGA/WENN, Clara Berry/Instagram

KJ Apa and his longtime girlfriend, Clara Berry, have gone their separate ways! The 30-year-old French model confirmed her relationship with the Riverdale star is over during an Instagram Q&A in February. When a fan asked if they were still a couple, she said, “No.” Clara went on to share that she’s “happier” after the breakup before doing a dance and adding:

“I’m free.”

Yeesh! Tell the people how you really feel! It is unknown why the pair split. However, they seemed to be on good terms. They both attended the Lacoste Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show during Paris Fashion Week — and they had a friendly interaction! A video posted by French magazine Gala showed that the two hugged when they bumped into each other at the event. See (below):

#claraberry @Lacoste #kjapa #lacoste #lacostefw24 #fashionweek #pfw #tiktokfashion

♬ original sound – janmegr – janmegr

As for how Clara and KJ are navigating co-parenting their 2-year-old son Sasha Vai Keneti Apa? She told her followers they are trying their “best”:

“We are doing the best we can. I think it’s better to have separated parents who are happy and can be the best versions of themselves rather than stay together if it’s not working. What hurts me the most is that I don’t have my son 50 percent of the time, which means I don’t know 50 percent of his life. That’s something that’s been a little difficult to accept.”

Well, we hope KJ and Clara continued to have a great co-parenting relationship!

Jenelle Evans & David Eason

Jenelle Evans and David Eason split in 2024
(c) WENN

It finally happened. Jenelle Evans filed for separation from her scary husband, David Eason, on February 23, citing his “erratic” behavior as the reason behind the split. In the complaint, she claimed she officially separated from him on February 16 “with the intent that the separation be permanent.” She cannot file for divorce until they legally have been separated for a year, per North Carolina law.

You would think if a person’s spouse had a history of alleged abuse (including against her 14-year-old son Jace) and murdered the family dog in front of a minor, there would be an exception made to allow them to divorce right away, right? But that is not the case. So for now, David and Jenelle are only separated and the count down to make it official has begun.

Ellie Golding & Caspar Jopling

Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling split in 2024

After pictures of Ellie Goulding kissing a man named Armando Perez dropped in February, she and her husband Caspar Jopling confirmed they secretly separated a while ago. The singer wrote on Instagram:

“In light of recent stories, I feel I have been left with no choice but to let you all know that Caspar and I privately separated some time ago. We remain the closest of friends and have been successfully co-parenting with our sons best interests at heart. We are committed to protecting our family privacy and thank people in advance for respecting our wishes – we won’t be commenting further.”

Caspar shared similar sentiments, saying:

“I feel (sadly) that I need to say something on mine and Ellie’s relationship.. that I hope more than anything will make any final tabloid speculation disappear. Ellie and I made the decision to separate some time ago. Our immediate family and close friends have known for some time – otherwise we chose to do what we could to keep this private. Ellie and I remain the closest of friends and, most importantly, co-parent’s to the best kiddo in the world, Arthur. This is the last I want to say on this – and please ask that your respect mine and Ellie’s privacy.”

It is unknown what caused the breakup. However, rumors had been circulating for a bit that Ellie and Caspar were over. It began when reports came out claiming that they were “living apart” as their marriage suffered due to their hectic schedules. They seemed to attempt to work things out between them, as The Sun reported that Ellie cut ties with her good friend Zac Goldsmith to give her marriage with Caspar another shot. But then, the 32-year-old art dealer was spotted without his wedding ring in February. Ellie also had been seen with another man, as we mentioned, forcing them to officially announce their split.

Ultimately, after trying everything to save their marriage over the past two years, sources say “divorce is the only outcome” for Ellie and Caspar. And they are ready to move on.

Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia breakup in 2024
MEGA/WENN, Simon Guobadia/Instagram

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s marriage is done after 15 months! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star shocked fans when she filed for divorce from her husband in February. Especially since they still seemed to be going strong only days before their breakup! The real reason for their split is unknown. However, people have been speculating it has something to do with rumors circulating about Simon’s citizenship status!

A report from the Atlanta Black Star claimed the businessman had been denied permanent residence in the US due to his criminal record involving alleged felony bank and credit card fraud. (FYI, he reportedly pleaded guilty to the crime in 1987.) Simon is currently appealing the decision. He also has been accused of overstaying his visas and being “unlawfully granted” a green card in 1988. Could these accusations have caused their divorce? A source for People insisted their split is “unrelated to recent allegations involving Simon’s past.” They then cryptically noted the cause of the split was an “ongoing matter.” Hmm.

For now, we’re being left in the dark about this situation!

Robert Irwin & Rorie Buckey

Robert Irwin & Rorie Buckey breakup
(c) Robert Irwin/Instagram

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey’s relationship is done. The pair announced the breakup in a joint statement posted on Instagram in February, writing:

“We wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways but profoundly appreciate all the time spent together and wish one another all the very best into the future. We wish to express the gratitude and respect we have for one another as we continue our journeys on different paths. We won’t be commenting further on this, and really appreciate your respect and privacy at this time.”

For those who don’t know, the niece of late actor Heath Ledger and the son of the late Steve Irwin were first romantically linked in November 2022. They went public with their relationship months later, in July 2023, when they attended the premiere of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One in Sydney together.

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright separated in 2024
(c) WENN/Avalon

Following weeks of speculation, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor confirmed in February that they separated after four years of marriage. She and their son Cruz even moved out of their shared home! That’s how you know Brittany is serious! She announced the news on their podcast When Reality Hits, saying:

“Jax and I are taking time apart and I made the decision to move into another home to take some space for the sake of my mental health. I’m taking it one day at a time. I don’t know what the future holds, but right now my focus is on being the best mom to Cruz and I love you guys. Pray for us and everything will be just fine. We’re good.”

Before anyone asks, Jax supposedly did not cheat on Brittany again — though there were rumors he did at one point! They both denied the allegations. So what really happened? Brittany spoke a lot over the past year about how they were constantly fighting. We even witnessed their intense fights on the debut season of The Valley, specifically over her drinking and wanting to have another baby. She also shared that Jax was not interested in sex with her anymore. Yikes.

Whether Jax and Brittany will officially pull the plug on their marriage remains to be seen. But we have a feeling a lot of longtime Vanderpump Rules fans are hoping these two go their separate ways soon!

Landon Barker & Charli D’Amelio

Landon Barker and Charli D'Amelio break up in 2024

Landon Barker and Charli D’Amelio are over. The 20-year-old son of Travis Barker revealed on February 5 that he and the TikTok star broke up after more than a year of dating. He wrote on Instagram Stories:

“Hey everyone, I would like to let you guys know that Charli and I are no longer together. We broke up to focus on ourselves. We are still friends and have so much love for each other. I am incredibly grateful for the time we shared and hope you can respect our decisions. Thank you, love you all so much!”

This is not the first time Charli and Landon have split. During Season 3 of her Hulu series The D’Amelio Show, she revealed they broke up after a trip to the Bahamas. However, the social media personality confirmed they rekindled their relationship before the season premiered. She told Us Weekly in October:

“Now, we’re obviously at such a great point together, and it’s all amazing. Sometimes you take out your frustrations on the wrong people and you just need to know that when you choose to have someone in your life as much as we are in each other’s, it’s important to be…levelheaded for them and help them make sure that they know what they’re worth and so proud. Those little extra things that I think we do now that maybe we weren’t doing for a while, and it’s just gotten so much better.”

But flash forward months later, they’ve gone their separate ways again!

Anderson .Paak & Jae Lin

Anderson Paak splits from wife in 2024

Anderson .Paak is getting divorced! According to TMZ, the singer filed for divorce from Jae Lin after more than a decade of marriage. When it comes to a separation date, it seems Anderson isn’t clear on when that was! He notably wrote “TBD” in the paperwork.

But one thing he is clear on? He wants him and Jae to have joint legal and physical custody of their sons –13-year-old Soul Rasheed and 6-year-old Shine Tariq — with a visitation schedule in place for both of them. Anderson further asked the court to terminate its ability to award spousal support to his estranged wife.

Sam Feher & Kory Keefer

Summer House's Kory Keefer Breaks Silence On Breakup After Sam Feher's Red Flag Talk
(c) Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube

Another Summer House couple bites the dust. In January, Sam Feher confirmed she dumped Kory Keefer after more than a year of dating. Why? She realized he was a walking red flag! During an interview on Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Sam explained his inappropriate behavior on Season 3 of Winter House contributed to their breakup.

Fans will recall Kory got very flirty with cast members Malia White and Jordan Emanuel on the show — despite being involved with Sam at the time. Although the two had not officially been boyfriend-girlfriend yet, they agreed not to hook up with other people. Kory never slept with the other women. However, he had crossed a boundary for Sam when he pursued Malia and Jordan. As Sam said, Kory gave a “completely false impression of how serious we were” to the two women.

What made the situation worse? She only found out about the full extent of his flirty behavior with Malia and Jordan when Winter House premiered in December 2023 — months after they were dating officially. That’s not the only reason they ended their relationship! Sam said she knew Kory wasn’t the one “because he doesn’t love me.” Oof.

Armie Hammer & Marina Gris

Armie Hammer & Marina Gris Breakup in 2024
(c) WENN, Marina Gris/Instagram

Armie Hammer’s engagement has come to an end. Marina Gris announced on Instagram Stories in January she and the 37-year-old disgraced actor broke up a couple of months after he appeared to propose to her in October. She wrote:

“It’s with a reflective heart that I announce the end of my journey with Armie, a chapter that’s been deeply personal and warmly significant in my life and closed a month ago.”

Addressing the sexual assault and cannibalism allegations against him, Marina continued:

“Before you send me another unpleasant message: I am aware of the conversations and stories circulating around about him. It’s important for me to state that my personal experiences with Armie were positive and in no way reflective of these allegations. I speak only from my perspective and my experiences and am not responsible for any of his past, current and future relationships.”

She insisted their relationship was a space where I felt deeply appreciated, supported, loved and understood,” adding:

“I know him as a gentleman in every sense of the word. Our decision to get married and plans for a future together were rooted in strength, encouragement, and deep mutual care. The decision to part ways, though tough, was carried out with grace and respect, marking a beautiful end to our shared journey.”

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo split in 2024

This year’s batch of Bachelor Nation breakups started with a big one! Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo decided to divorce after four years of marriage. The chiropractor filed on January 2 and listed the separation date as just a few days earlier, December 31, 2023. The exact cause of the split is unknown. However, Bryan cited irreconcilable differences as the reason in the court documents.

He later addressed the breakup on Instagram, saying:

“After more than 4 years of marriage, me and Rachel have made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. My parents have been married forever and I’m a family man, but sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go.”

Recently, their breakup has taken a nasty turn in court — so curious how this one will play out!

AJ McLean & Rochelle McLean

AJ McLean and Rochelle McLean split in 2024
(c) Apega/WENN

We kicked off the New Year with some major heartbreak! Nine months after revealing their separation, AJ McLean announced he and Rochelle McLean are getting a divorce. The Backstreet Boys member wrote on Instagram on January 1:

“As you all know we have been separated for over a year now. While we have hoped for reconciliation we have decided to officially end our marriage. It is with deep love and respect that we have made this decision. Our focus now is moving forward in the healthiest possible way with friendship and coparenting our girls at the forefront of this next chapter. We appreciate your kindness respect and privacy at this time.”

It is so sad to see these two are breaking up. AJ and Rochelle previously seemed so hopeful they would rekindle their relationship in the future. But we guess sometimes things just don’t work out! Hopefully, they can go through this divorce process amicably for the sake of their two kids.

Damn… We’re only halfway through the year, and there are already so many breakups! Reactions to the split so far this year, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

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