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Chris Pratt Says He 'Fantasizes' About Getting Revenge For His Kids!

Chris Pratt Says He 'Fantasizes' About Getting Revenge For His Kids

Chris Pratt is opening up about his “unhinged revenge fantasy” — and he’s saying it’s a normal thing for dads?!

While speaking with Men’s Journal last week, the 43-year-old actor discussed his recent Prime Video series The Terminal List, and why he thinks shows like this are so successful. The show itself has come under fire for being what critics are saying is a “another invitation to worship at the altar of the Navy SEALs” as the story follows along the novel of a former SEAL seeking retribution after his entire platoon is killed under suspicious circumstances.

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Regardless of the criticism calling it a “right-winged” revenge fantasy, the people have spoken — it’s got a whopping 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes! And Chris says he thinks he knows why! He told the outlet:

“Some critic said something like it was an ‘unhinged revenge fantasy.’ And, to be honest, that’s exactly what it is in a way.”

He says that’s something that dads in particular LOVE — because when he thinks about someone messing with his family he goes into ’80s action star mode, too:

“Whenever you’re put in a position, or even imagine a position, where those kids are in danger, your mind goes to wild places. I mean, if I was put through the situations that James was in, I would probably do the same f**king thing. I think that’s why those storylines resonate so strongly with fathers.”


The Guardians of the Galaxy alum went on to explain how he thinks “every dad secretly fantasizes” about this stuff:

“I think every dad secretly fantasizes about what they would do if someone ever f**ked with their kids. Your partner sees you staring off into the distance and says, ‘Honey, what are you thinking about?’ And you say, ‘Oh, nothing.’ But what you’re really thinking is, Where’s the duct tape and how deep is the trunk?”

It sounds like he’s put a LOT of thought into this! LOLz!

The Jurassic World star went on to compare the series’ success to that of the Taken franchise starring his Lego Movie costar Liam Neeson:

“I think that’s most dads. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m revealing something here! But as someone who’s talked to a lot of dads, I think we all ask ourselves what we would do. That’s one of the reasons Liam Neeson’s movie Taken was such a hit. Us dads are just like, ‘Yes! Get ‘em! Use that special set of skills.'”

Chris even said being a father definitely helped him get into the role of the revenge-fueled soldier:

“As an actor, one of those tools can be substitution, where you’re mentally substituting the reality you’ve felt in the past for one that your character is supposed to be experiencing. And when you add the reality of being a father, being a parent, and what that means for us, it’s a very powerful tool. That level of responsibility opens up a whole new cavern of emotional potential. What would you do to save them? What would happen to you mentally if you lost them?”

Chris went on to say that his three kiddos — Jack, Lyla, and Eloise — opened up a new door for him:

“That instinct you have to protect them — those are all things you can try to fake, but it doesn’t really come close to what you have access to when you’ve lived it … For me, having kids is what it’s all about, and how it’s benefitted me as an actor is a pleasant byproduct.”

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