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Courteney Cox Misses Boyfriend Johnny McDaid's 'Physical Touch' Amid Lockdown Apart: 'It's Been Hard'

Courteney Cox misses boyfriend Johnny McDaid amid lockdown

Courteney Cox is craving the touch of her man amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown!

In a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the Friends star opened up about being separated from her longtime love Johnny McDaid while practicing social distancing, telling the host that FaceTime calls can only do so much.

She said of the Snow Patrol guitarist:

“He was supposed to go to Switzerland to write and instead, he had to go to England first and then, all of a sudden, [quarantine] happened… I have not seen him in so long and you don’t realize, we spend a lot of time on FaceTime, but now, it’s like, Oh, my God, I just miss, you know, his physical touch. Just all of it. It’s been hard, really. This is the longest time.”

Thankfully, the actress has been finding ways to pass the time, like posting TikTok videos with her daughter Coco Arquette — even though the 15-year-old doesn’t want to.

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As fans know, the mother-daughter duo has been teaming up to perform covers of songs on Courteney’s account. But the Cougar Town alum admitted her constant requests to film with Coco have been getting on the teen’s nerves.

She confessed:

“Well, she gets mad at me because she thinks I’m using her for posts and, um, she’s not wrong. She really does have a beautiful voice. I run out of material, so every now and then I bribe her for a song.”

Ha! Whatever it takes to keep that content fresh!

Aside from taking over TikTok, Courteney said she’s been keeping busy by binge-watching Friends during the lockdown, spilling how she needed a refresher on the beloved ‘90s sitcom. She noted:

“I know it’s really sad, but I didn’t remember it all and people ask me all the time, ‘Will you do a quiz?’ Or, ‘Let’s play this game [to] see who knows the characters the most.’ I don’t remember. I do remember the people and I remember specific things that happened but my memory is not great when it comes to, like, fun times—I only remember pain, I think.”

The 55-year-old went on to reveal that she’s been loving re-watching the show’s Thanksgiving episodes where she got to play “overweight Monica.”

“I loved playing overweight Monica because I felt so free. I could dance like you. Just sit up and dance and have no problem at all. I did love it. Those are really good episodes.”

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As for the upcoming Friends reunion, Courteney told Ellen that she and her co-stars (Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlancand David Schwimmer) “don’t know” when they’ll be shooting the special due to the ongoing pandemic, but confirmed fans can still apply for a special chance to watch them film.

She shared: 

“We were supposed to do the show…in the middle of March and now, we don’t know when we’re doing it but we’ve raised a lot of money so far. And you can still apply and you get to have you plus five friends can come watch the show, and that actually will be the third time that we’ve all been in the same room in the last 15 years. But it will be a lot more than just us in the same room, we’ll be doing fun stuff.”

Until then, sounds like Courteney will be saving the fun stuff for her TikTok account!

Ch-ch-check out a clip of the interview (below) for more.

[Image via WENN]

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