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Doctor Accused Of Impregnating His Own Patients Dies In Mysterious Plane Crash

Doctor Accused Of Impregnating His Own Patients Dies In Mysterious Plane Crash

A wild story of an alleged “serial sperm donating” fertility doctor has ended in complete mystery.

In case you didn’t hear the creepy case, Dr. Morris Wortman from New York was sued in 2021 for allegedly using his own sperm to impregnate his patients in the 1980s. He was a pretty well-known OBGYN, especially in west NYC where he was the target for anti-abortion protesters in the area for years. The disgusting details of the 72-year-old’s early career actions came out when one of his former patient’s daughters, Morgan Hellquist, found out she was actually biologically related to him. Allegedly, he had told the woman’s mother back in the ’80s the sperm he used to impregnate her was from a local med student, but that was proven to be false when paternity tests showed not only Hellquist — but NINE other people — were genetically Wortman’s children.

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A shocking and awfully gross discovery, to say the least… And apparently Hellquist became suspicious after she went to a gynecological appointment at Wortman’s clinic and he made a joke about her being “a good kid.”

The lawsuit filed with Monroe County Court, and apparently the doctor’s daughter from his first marriage (the one who KNEW she was his daughter) confirmed through genetic testing that the other ten people were indeed her half siblings. The civil lawsuit cited medical malpractice, but Wortman will never pay for his alleged crimes due to a crazy plane crash over the weekend that took his life.

A friend of the doctor’s, pilot Earl Luce Jr., went up in a replica Wittman W-5 Buttercup on Sunday along with Wortman, but would never make the landing. The pilot raved online about how he’d built the plane by hand, which evidently wasn’t very good construction, as police are saying it just fell apart MID-AIR. Wtf??

According to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, the plane crashed in a field and both Luce and Wortman were killed:

“The preliminary investigation indicates that the wings of the aircraft became detached from the fuselage and fell to the ground landing in an orchard. The fuselage of the aircraft continued west approximately 1,000 to 1,500 yards before crashing into a pasture behind a residence.”

It sound so suspicious! How does a handmade plane just fall apart in the middle of the sky? Was it being held together with craft glue? Sheesh!

The lawsuit against the OBGYN is still pending, and Hellquist is still seeking punitive damages, but her father will never see his day in court.

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[Image via Dr. Morris Wortman/YouTube]

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Jun 01, 2023 15:32pm PDT