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Dog The Bounty Hunter Spent Beth Chapman's Birthday 'Alone At Home In Denver Crying'

Dog the Bounty hunter cries on Beth's birthday

Dog the Bounty Hunter had little to celebrate on what would have been his late fifth wife Beth Chapman’s 52nd birthday.

According to a TMZ source, the reality star (real name Duane Chapman) spent October 29 “alone at home in Denver crying,” revealing:

“He spent the entire time indoors going through photos of Beth and himself.”

Just heartbreaking.

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The insider described the day as “tear-filled,” with the 66-year-old calling up family and friends to share memories of his wife. The source said: 

“It was a tear-filled day. He called their children and many of Beth’s friends to reminisce and talk about the positive impact she had on their lives.”

Duane was also gushing over his late bride on social media Tuesday by posting clips of Beth from their new reality show, Dog’s Most Wanted — one of which showed her vowing:

“If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die in my boots.”

The father-of-twelve wrote in the caption:

“There will never be another like you. Happy birthday Beth! We ❤️ you!”

That’s for damn sure. Celebrate Beth’s life by watching the clip (below).

As you likely know, Dog’s wife died on June 26 following a two year battle with stage II throat and lung cancer. 

Not only has Beth’s death been detrimental to the reality star’s mental health, it’s taken a toll on his physical health, too. As we reported, Chapman revealed on Dr. Oz last month he was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, which occurs when one or more arteries of the heart have been blocked by blood. 

The daytime TV doctor didn’t beat around the bush during their chat, telling the widower he wouldn’t live much longer without improving his heart condition. He said:

“You’re a ticking time bomb. You’re not going to be here with the heart the way it is right now.”

Dog then revealed he first learned of his condition after being hospitalized back in September due to feeling pain in his chest, which he initially blamed on a “broken heart.” According to reports, the health scare was stress and blood-pressure related. 

Dr. Oz spoke to People after the diagnosis, revealing the star was “denying care that he knew would be life-saving.” He recalled:

“I said, ‘What would Beth do. What would she say to you? I don’t think she’d be happy with what you’re doing. You’re throwing away your life, you’re throwing away your ability to parent your kids. You have to man up.’ That’s what she would say.”

We hope Dog takes the steps to improve his heart condition before things get worse.

[Image via Instagram]

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