‘X-Men’ Star Fan Bingbing Goes Missing, Rumored To Have Been Taken By Chinese Government

Fan Bingbing is missing!

The actress, alternately credited as Bingbing Fan, is known to U.S. audiences mainly from her role as Blink in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

But back in China she’s a huge star, known recently for films like I Am Not Madame Bovary and League Of Gods. In fact, she’s the top-paid actress in the country — something which has not gone unseen by the government, which actually put a cap on how much movie stars are allowed to be paid.

Maybe she wasn’t down with the pay cut, because the rumor is she got busted for tax evasion!

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In July a TV host leaked docs about a major star committing tax evasion, and Internet sleuths put the pieces together this was Fan.

Apparently a common way studios sometimes get around the salary cap is to give their stars one paycheck reported to the government and another, much bigger one in secret.

Since then it seems no one has seen the actress, in person or on social media. She’s reportedly been wiped from all promotional material for her upcoming film Unbreakable Spirit, also starring Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody.

In late August a Chinese tabloid reported she’d escaped to L.A. to seek asylum, at the advice of friend Jackie Chan.

But a state-run publication said on Monday she’d been placed “under control” by the government and would “accept the legal decision.”

That story certainly seems in line with this photo that’s been swirling around the net that appears to show the star in manacles:

But does being “under control” mean no one will hear from her ever again?

Fans are worried for her safety as she’s not the first citizen to disappear under this government. It’s important to remember they don’t have the same due process guaranteed to U.S. citizens.

Apparently the media lately has been talking Fan down, including the wide release of a report listing her as having the lowest “social responsibility” score of all Chinese stars — zero percent.

Some believe the government is trying to make their citizens hate her and less concerned that she’s just… gone.

As of this writing her reps have not responded to any outlet.

[Image via 20th Century Fox/YouTube/IPA/WENN.]

Sep 12, 2018 4:17pm PST