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Fatal Fungal Disease Discovered Infecting Bats In Wisconsin & Michigan! Poor Things!

fatal fungal disease infecting bats in michigan
This is awful! And so sad!
A deadly infection that has killed millions of mammals who eat mosquitos has been found in at least five bats in Wisconsin and Michigan collected back in February.
The fungal disease is discovered when bats have a white-nose syndrome, which you can totally see on the bat (above).
The discovery could have a huge detrimental effect on farming and forestry in the U.S.
Here’s what one wildlife expert said:

“Even though we’ve known this disease was coming, it is a disappointing day.”

White-nose syndrome is usually spread from bat to bat, but it’s possible for humans to infect the bats through luggage or clothing.
The disease sometimes causes hibernating bats to wake up, and deplete their energy. It can lead to starvation and possibly even death.
The disease has killed over six million bats through 23 states, and in other states with similar caves and mines with this infection – 95 percent of their bat population was wiped out.
Even though bats appear scary to some, they are a key part of our eco-system.
A reduction in the bat population could lead to more pests that do harm to crops, trees, and will hurt the agriculture industry.
It’s so sad that this disease is infecting bats despite measures taken by states like Wisconsin to delay the infections, although as the director of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources said:

“There was no dodging the bullet.”

Awful stuff!
[Image via AP Images.]

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Apr 11, 2014 15:59pm PDT

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