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Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

fyre festival co-founder jail

Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland was just sentenced to time in prison on fraud charges.
In case you somehow forgot, he was behind the total disaster that left ticket-holders stranded on an island in the Bahamas without the musical performances and luxury accommodations they paid up to $12,000 for.
Prosecutors were looking to send Billy away for 15-20 years, but he was only sentenced to six, and has been ordered to forfeit over $26 million. 
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His co-founder Ja Rule, who still thinks that the idea was “beyond brilliant,” has not been charged.
We hear there are cheese sandwiches in prison! At least for Billy!
[Image via Bloomberg/YouTube.]

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Oct 12, 2018 09:13am PDT

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