Game Of Thrones‘ Kit Harington Says ‘Jon Snow Is Dead, Get Used To It’ — See His Dream Crushing First Statement In Months!

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It’s been an emotional roller coaster for Game Of Thrones fans ever since the season five finale, which showed Jon Snow brutally murdered by his own men!

Even though it was pretty clear the fan-favorite character was a goner, fans wouldn’t give up that easily — and have since cooked up theory after theory of plausible storylines that could bring the late Watchman back to life!

But according to Kit Harington himself, his ill-fated character on the HBO fantasy series is dead as a doornail and “everyone has to get used to it.”

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Since the finale aired last year, the actor has kept a relatively low profile ever to deal with the constant rumors of Snow’s fate, admitting:

“├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣I’ve just hit the ground, and gone undercover. I’ve tried to do absolutely no press for anything.”

But now, the 29-year-old is finally opening up about the intense reaction to the final scenes of last season — and definitively stating that his character no longer has a pulse!

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said:

“├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣I was hoping that there would be an outcry of ‘why?’ and ‘oh god, no, no’ rather than ‘thank god’. That was the right reaction as far as I was concerned! People didn’t want me to die, but he’s dead. So there you go, everyone has to get used to it.├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣”

Just stab us right in the heart, why don’t you?!

The actor, who will be making a return to theater in a new London production of Doctor Faustus, teased that we won’t be seeing too much of him in GoT‘s upcoming season, adding:

“I haven’t done Thrones in a while. I had quite a lot of time off last year. I’ve been taking it easy. And relaxing. When I realised I was doing this, I had a few months to prepare for it, and something like this takes some working through before even getting into the rehearsal room.├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣”

Even though Harington has avoided speaking about the Jon Snow rumors circulating fandom websites, he says the intense reaction is proof that the show is serving its purpose!

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He continued:

“It’s brilliant, the fact that people care about this TV show and what happens to the people they love or hate in it, is a special thing. I’ve got nothing to complain about, put it that way. If they care about it and I get asked about it a lot, it means that people hold it dear to their hearts and it’s doing what it meant to.├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣”

Whether he will be a part of the cast or not, Harington reveals he still “can’t wait for the next season” on April 24 — and neither can we!

Do YOU think this means we should abandon all hope?

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Jan 26, 2016 12:46pm PDT

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