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Ghosted! Spooky Spirit Caught On English CCTV Camera -- What Is It?!

Ghosted! Spooky Spirit Caught On English CCTV Camera -- What Is It?!

Ghosts walk among us!

So says a man in the Gloucestershire area of England, at least, after a security camera on his property appeared to capture some kind of spooky spirit walking (floating?!) across the street and over his son’s van!

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According to the Stroud Times, a man in the city of Stroud, England named Shane Matthews was reviewing the footage one day earlier this month when he noticed something VERY creepy. The camera, which was pointed at the front of Shane’s home and the street laid out before it, seemed to show some kind of apparition whisking across the screen at 5:46 a.m. one morning in early May.

Shocked by the scene, Matthews took a closer look — and found that a black-ish being definitely moved slowly across the road and out towards his son’s van parked in front of the house before vanishing! Even creepier, as Matthews told the local media outlet, the other camera he has pointed out towards the front of his house never picked up the movement at all!

He recalled his shock to the news org, saying:

“I have two cameras on the front of the house. One picked up the movement, the other didn’t.”

So, what, ghosts only get caught on one camera at a time, or what?!?! That makes it even creepier, TBH!

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The bemused man was apparently a skeptic all his life as far as ghost stories were concerned. But now that he’s experienced one first-hand, he’s all in!

Matthews explained:

“I didn’t believe in ghosts, but I do now.”

Well, shoot! Having seen the footage ourselves now, maybe we feel the same way! And you can watch Matthews’ creepy 17-second clip of Casper the Friendly Ghost‘s paranormal pal HERE.

Sooooo what is that?! It feels like it couldn’t be a camera glitch. It’s too smooth and controlled, and it definitely moves in one swift and continuous motion from one spot to the other. And we’re thinking it’s not, like, an animal that the camera didn’t pick up correctly. Too fuzzy! And also it floats OVER the van before disappearing. An animal wouldn’t move like that!

We’re super confused by it. But maybe we should just ask Lili Reinhart to investigate? After all, it sounds like she might have some insight into what (who??) that could be! Or maybe Vanessa Hudgens could come through with some info for us??


What do U think, Perezcious readers??

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[Image via Casper The Friendly Ghost/YouTube]

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