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Paranormal Buffs Baffled Over Man’s Encounter With ‘Ghost’ In Abandoned Hospital Ward!

Hospital scene from 'The Grudge 2'

This is some spooky stuff, y’all!

This week, a Reddit user’s video of an encounter with a “ghost” in an abandoned hospital ward sent the platform into a tizzy, with users split on whether the spooky scene was real or not.

According to the poster, the video was recorded at a California hospital late at night. The worker said he decided to film the wing after a security guard told him that he kept “seeing things” and “thought he was losing his mind.”

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The footage showed the man walking down the hallways of the hospital ward, panning his camera down through each corridor he passed — until he spotted a dark, all-black figure emerging from a doorway toward the end of one corridor. The man then moved the camera away before panning back to where the being was standing seconds later, but it had disappeared by that point.

The man, who does maintenance work at the hospital, said he thought he saw a “white figure” when recording the video in person, but didn’t realize how eerie the figure was until he was editing the footage later. He said:

“It wasn’t until later when I got off work … I was watching the video and then I realized there was a figure… It was the creepiest s**t i have seen in my life thus far.”

He also claimed he had footage of “one of those big hospital doors” in the hallway “opening by itself,” adding:

“It gave me the creeps too, when I first realized what I caught. What caught my attention at first when i watched this was a blur by the secondish door way… then I later saw the figure which gave me chills. It’s pure black with a black aura.”

The video sparked a huge debate among supernatural enthusiasts. Some felt the figure could have been a random person, while others argued the presence was “too dark” to be a human.

Users mused:

“Not jumping to ghost, but it seemed like most of the lights were on. There should have been at least some colour reflected on the figure, but I couldn’t find anything but black”.

“Even it was a person in an all black costume, the top of them would have been reflecting more light than the bottom.”

“While interested in the paranormal, I’m usually pretty skeptical … This is one of the most compelling I’ve seen.”

“This is terrifying…”

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is this the real deal or a well made prank? Watch the video HERE and sound off in the comments.

[Image via Movieclips/YouTube]

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May 05, 2022 06:14am PDT

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