Hacienda HealthCare CEO Had Over A Decade Of Sexual Harassment Complaints!

We’ve gotta be honest, we’d never even heard the adage “The fish rots from the head” before last year. But here we are thinking it again.

We told you this week about the end of the manhunt after an incapacitated woman in Phoenix, Arizona suddenly gave birth last month.

But nurse Nathan Sutherland‘s sexual assault arrest is not the only fallout at the Hacienda HealthCare facility…

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Two weeks ago CEO Bill Timmons stepped down.

When we first heard that we assumed it was the big boss deciding the buck had to stop somewhere. But now it sounds like he really was part of the problem!

The Arizona Republic did some digging as the story went on and found some disturbing complaints about Timmons.

Apparently the CEO had faced multiple complaints of sexual harassment, starting over a decade ago according to Tom Pomeroy, President of the Board of Directors. He spilled:

“Beginning in 2006 and again in subsequent years, the Hacienda Board of Directors… was alerted to accusations that several employees felt sexually harassed or treated poorly by Timmons.”


The board forced him to get counseling. They never removed him.

Over the years the complaints continued. One employee said she met Timmons at a fundraiser where he told her, “You have a sexy mouth,” and, “What do you do with that mouth?” Another said he grabbed her on the buttocks. A third said he made sexually suggestive remarks to her as well.

That’s not all. Employees also apparently told supervisors about bullying outbursts.

Timmons is alleged to have screamed in faces regularly and once climbed up and angrily paced across a conference table. In one odd complaint, the CEO got paint on his shirt and responded by stripping it off, throwing it at a member of the housekeeping staff with an order to clean it, and attending his next meeting shirtless.

A boss like that being able to keep his job goes a long way toward explaining how complaints about sexually suggestive comments about patients went unanswered — and how a place could be run so badly no one would notice something so horrible as a sexual assault.

[Image via ABC15/YouTube.]

Jan 25, 2019 11:07am PDT

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