6 Actors Who Could Play A Young Han Solo In The Star Wars Spinoff Movie!

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The next Star Wars spinoff has officially been announced as the story of a young Han Solo.

Obvi Harrison Ford can’t play himself from before the original trilogy.

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So the question arises, who could possibly play a pop culture fixture so well known throughout the galaxy? Who could capture the soul of Solo??

Here some actors we think could pull it off:

Ryan Gosling

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Pros: The Force is strong with this one. He’s got the star power to bring in a big audience. And a lot of people would love to see him top a project this big in between his more experimental fare.

Cons: He may be too well known. Is he too famous to disappear into the beloved character?


Garrett Hedlund

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Pros: Charming, disarming, handsome in a laid-back Midwestern way. Garrett is a movie star that just hasn’t found his vehicle yet. Maybe that vehicle could be the Millennium Falcon?

He’s got the build, the looks, and most importantly the quiet swagger of the Han we meet in Mos Eisley.

Cons: After Tron: Legacy didn’t do the business Disney wanted, will they give him another big shot?


Scott Eastwood

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Pros: Like former carpenter Ford, he’s a real-life man’s man. He’s also a dashing fellow we can totally see as the roguish Solo.

Cons: His biggest role to date has been as the romantic lead in a Nicholas Sparks movie. Will fans see him as too much of a pretty boy?


Chris Pine

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Pros: Charismatic, handsome, we can totally see him playing a space-faring rule breaker.

Cons: Probably because we already HAVE seen him as a space-faring rule breaker. You can’t be both Han Solo AND Captain Kirk, even 10-year-olds on the playground know that.


Nicholas Hoult

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Pros: We wouldn’t have said he could pull this off a year ago, but after seeing him transform into the bald, pale, psychotic Nux in this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road, we now think Jennifer Lawrence ‘s ex can do anything.

Cons: Too baby-faced? It depends on how young a Han we’re Soloing here.


Aaron Paul

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Pros: The Breaking Bad alum has attitude for days! We could totally see him smuggling under the nose of the Empire.

Cons: Doesn’t much look like Harrison Ford.

Who would YOU like to see as a young Han Solo??

[Image via Alberto Reyes/PNP/FayesVision/KIKA/WENN.]

Jul 8, 2015 6:57pm PDT