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High School Teacher Allegedly CAUGHT ON CAMERA Poisoning Husband's Smoothie With Breaking Bad Plant!

High School Teacher CAUGHT ON CAMERA Poisoning Husband's Smoothie With Breaking Bad Plant

A high school teacher has been accused of trying to kill her husband — and she might’ve taken inspiration from Walter White himself!

On Wednesday, 47-year-old Missouri resident Sarah Scheffer was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder after she was accused of putting poison in her husband’s food for months — and was caught on camera doing it! Per court records filed by Jefferson City Police Department via FOX, her husband had been “suspicious” that his wife was adding “poisonous and/or toxic substances” to his food and drinks for nearly two months. He claimed whatever she would serve him “had an odd taste” and soon after consuming it he “experienced extreme fatigue, confusion, blurred vision, severe cotton mouth, and nausea”.

Scary! And according to the husband, she was doing this all throughout the holidays!

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One instance detailed in the legal docs said she gave him a drink that had a “bitter taste” on Christmas Eve, to which he experienced all of the aforementioned symptoms for TWO DAYS! Then, on New Year’s Day, he was served another beverage which also tasted “bitter”. Now his eyebrows were raised, though, and he decided to confront Scheffer about it — and her alleged response was so gross:

“The defendant stated she urinated in it. The defendant then admitted to putting an industrial strength adhesive in it. The victim stated the defendant later denied putting anything in the beverage.”

Ew! But what the victim is claiming she put in it is much worse than peeing in it!

With suspicions high, the husband decided to secretly put up a camera in the kitchen to see what was really going on — and nothing could’ve prepared him for what he saw! The victim claims in the videos the teacher can be seen emptying the contents of a bag labeled “lily of the valley” into the blender as she made a smoothie for him. He also said he snagged some pictures of a root.

If the name of the plant sounds familiar to all you Breaking Bad fans — it’s because the lily of the valley is what Bryan Cranston‘s character used to kill Jesse Pinkman’s (Paul Aaron) girlfriend Andrea’s 8-year-old son Brock.

With his evidence in hand, he contacted police, who seized the yellow tumbler in which Scheffer made the smoothie. When they took it for testing, she fully admitted to intentionally adding the poisonous plant to the blender while making it:

“The defendant admitted doing this with the intent to cause the victim hard. The defendant admitted to knowing that ingesting ‘lily of the valley’ could result in death. The defendant admitted knowing the act was illegal.”


According to the National Capital Poison Center, the lily of the valley is “very poisonous” and “all parts of the plant” contain something called cardiac glycosides — which, in case you aren’t familiar, they can “slow down the heart and cause irregular heart rhythm”. So definitely not a plant you want to go around picking and adding to the vase on your kitchen table!

According to ABC, the suspect is currently being held at Cole County Jail without bond — mainly because cops are afraid she’d try to flee the country! According to law enforcement, she’s got “a relationship with an individual who resides in Pakistan” and “has conducted Google searches for flights” to get outta dodge. Oof…

As for her husband, well, he luckily survived to tell his story. But how horrifying! What do U make of this situation, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via KMIZ ABC 17 News/Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul/YouTube/Cole County Jail]

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