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Harrowing Bodycam Footage Shows Killer Returning Drunk To Crime Scene

Harrowing Bodycam Footage Shows Killer Returning Drunk To Crime Scene

A horrific murder apparently wasn’t enough for this killer, so he returned to the crime scene and taunted the police…

In case you didn’t hear, in July 2022 Marek Hecko, from Chelmsford, Essex, was arrested in connection with the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s new lover. In May of the same year, Stephanie Breame split from Hecko and eventually began seeing 44-year-old Adrian Ellingford as part of an extramarital affair. At the time, BBC reported that prosecutors said the 26-year-old suspect exhibited “stalker-like behavior” and “pined and obsessed” over his ex — to the point he would show up to her work and home uninvited, called and texted her obsessively, and searched her up online. She had no idea this scary behavior would turn into a tragedy…

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On the night of the crime, Breame, clearly frightened, woke up to Ellingford telling her there was someone in their home. He then got up out of bed and collapsed with two stab wounds in his back — one with the broken-off knife blade still lodged inside of it. He would succumb to his injuries at the scene, later being pronounced dead.

So, so awful. But the arrogance of the killer only makes the case more chilling…

Later in the day, while the Essex Police investigated the crime scene, Hecko stumbled up to the house. In bodycam footage that was released on Tuesday, you can see the “heavily intoxicated” man holding a bottle of what appears to be brandy as he swigs from it and speaks to officers. Through drunken banter, he tells law enforcement he knows exactly “what happened” at the house mere hours before:

“I know what happened. I know the people there involved. You need me to figure out what happened … if you don’t have me, you don’t know what happened.”

Just harrowing… and he doesn’t stop there.

The young man continued on to say police have “no proof” so they can’t accuse him of anything:

“I just know that some guy come here and he f**ked up some guy. You’re going to think about me, but it’s not gonna be me because there’s no proof … This city’s f**king mine.”

At the point of him saying that, none of the details of the crime had become public, so officers were already raising their eyebrows at him. After “becoming confrontational” he was finally arrested, and eventually named the main suspect in the murder.

You can see the footage for yourself (below):

According to Essex Live, all the proof anyone needed was CCTV footage showing Hecko buying two bottles of wine and walking into Breame’s home, allegedly drinking one at the scene. Law enforcement discovered his DNA on the bottle as well as the knife handle that was left behind.

After a three week trial, on Monday, Hecko was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for Ellingford’s murder. His wife Laura Ellingford said at the trial:

“Adrian you will always be missed by us as your family and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. We miss you every day and love you forever.”

Such an unbelievable story, but luckily in the end the victim’s family got the justice they deserved.


[Image via Essex Police/YouTube]

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