YouTuber Trained Her Dog Using Only ‘Harry Potter’ Spells — Watch!

Need an excuse to incorporate Harry Potter spells into your everyday life? You might want to get yourself a dog.

Social media personality and noted spellcaster Anna Brisbin revealed last week that she trailed her pooch Remus using J.K. Rowling’s most popular incantations — and, yes, you should be very jealous.

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Brisbin showed off her dog’s magical tricks in a YouTube video, which showed the canine responding to commands like “Engorgio” (“Eat”), “Alohomora” (“Go outside”), and “Immobulus” (“Sit”). We’d say she’s ready to teach Care of Magical Creatures classes at Hogwarts.

See all the commands her Furry Pupper learned in the video (above)!

Jan 9, 2019 6:00am PDT