Harry Styles Buys A Haunted House In North London!



Does anyone else foresee an especially terrifying episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories eventually coming from this?!

We certainly hope so! Harry Styles would be a GREAT – and adorable – narrator!

But apparently, TV shows aside, the One Direction member has purchased a notoriously haunted house in the Primrose Hill and Belsize Park neighborhood of North London!

And the ghost is INCREDIBLY well-known to locals as thief Dick Turpin, who along with his gang, used to frequent a pub near the house in question back in the 1700s!

According to reports, although the now legendary highwayman was executed for horse theft in 1739, his spirit – along with that of his equally famous horse, Black Bess – is said to roam the area…specifically Harry’s brand new four-bedroom home!

A source explains:

“The ghost of Turpin has been spotted in the window – and according to legend you can hear the sounds of his horse Bess’s hooves. Locals say he used to hide in the courtyard next to the pub waiting for his victims to come down the road before robbing them.”

So spooky!

But also AWESOME!

Harry already has a flat in East London, and just in case things start getting a little TOO weird in his new place, we sincerely hope he holds on to it!

At least until the Halloween season passes!

Either that or he could just have Ke$ha come in and check the place out!

We hear she has a, ahem, ‘way‘ with the supernatural that could help bring Turpin some peace in his afterlife!


[Image via WENN.]

Oct 1, 2012 9:27am PST

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