Home Alone R-Rated Reboot Coming — Starring Ryan Reynolds!

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OK, we’ve already had three less than successful Home Alone sequels without Macaulay Culkin. What could one more add?

Three things: An R rating. Weed. Ryan Reynolds.

Yep, the Deadpool star is producing and starring in a re-imagining of the holiday classic, only instead of a little boy, it’s a grown man who gets left alone as his family goes on a ski trip without him.

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Oh, and he gets so paranoid from smoking weed he’s convinced burglars are trying to break in! It’s called… Stoned Alone!

For real. This is really happening.

Are YOU up for an adult stoner comedy version of Home Alone??

[Image via 20th Century Fox/Frederic Kern/Future Image/WENN.]

Jul 25, 2018 8:34pm PDT