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'Blood Everywhere': Howie Mandel Recalls Terrifying Moment Of Seeing Wife's Exposed Skull After Drunken Fall In Las Vegas!

Howie Mandel Recalls Scary Moment Of Finding His Wife In A Pool Of Blood & With An Exposed Skull After Drunken Accident In Vegas!

Howie Mandel had quite the scare during a trip to Sin City earlier this year!

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark on Monday, the 68-year-old television personality shared that he and his wife, Terry Mandel, went to Las Vegas in February. But the vacay was anything but restful… After partying a bit “too much” one night, Terry injured herself in their hotel room! And it was bad, y’all!

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Howie recalled to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos:

“We partied. It was too much. She was tipsy. I did not know that, and in the middle of the night she got up and, I don’t know where she was headed, but she headed into the wall. She fell and hit the wainscoting.”

For those who don’t know, wainscoting is that decorative wood paneling on walls that comes up to about waist-level. Howie explained:

“She hit that as she went down. She slipped, went down, hit that on her eye, fell on the floor, and broke her cheek.”

Howie even has a pic to prove it. The America’s Got Talent judge showed a snapshot of Terry with a cut on her forehead and a massive bruise around her eye. Take a look (below) — but warning it’s super graphic:

Howie Mandel Recalls Scary Moment Of Finding His Wife In A Pool Of Blood & With An Exposed Skull After Drunken Accident In Vegas!
(c) LiveKellyandMark/YouTube


As you can imagine after seeing the photo, the accident looked even worse in the moment! In fact, what Howie went on to describe sounded like a scene straight out of a horror movie! The comedian said he immediately woke up when she slammed into the wainscoting and fell onto the floor. After turning on the light, he immediately began to panic — because he saw Terry in a pool of blood! Howie shared:

“Blood is pooling out and I freaked out. I picked her up, I put her on the bed. There’s blood everywhere. … I saw her head, and you could actually see her skull. It opened up. I freaked.”

Jeez! Springing into action, he grabbed some towels and cold soda cans from the mini bar to put on her forehead. That only made the situation worse, tho! Terry immediately felt pain and threw them across the room. Once Howie noticed her skull was exposed, he called the hotel staff to ask them to call 911. However, they sent up 10 security guards to the room instead!

When security arrived, what they found was, as Mark teased, what looked like “a crime scene.” All they saw was an injured Terry on the bed, blood everywhere, and cans all over the room — while Snapped played on the television. Crazy! Of course, all of this didn’t look good for Howie! He went on to joke:

“If someone was ever beat up in that room, I promise it would be me. I am the most annoying person in the world. My wife is a saint.”

Wrapping up the story, Howie said she went to the hospital and has since recovered from the injury — thankfully with no scar on her face!

“She is absolutely perfect. There’s not a scar. She’s beautiful.”

We’re glad Terry is OK! What a terrifying situation for her! But she was able to poke fun at the accident. Howie said:

“People said, ‘What happened?’ and she said, ‘Vegas.’”

Ha! And apparently, what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas — all thanks to Howie! What an interview! See the full story (below):

Reactions to the scary incident, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via LiveKellyandMark/YouTube, Starbux/WENN]

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