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Dramatic Details Of Ella Evans' Restraining Order Against Dad Ioan Gruffudd's New Girlfriend Revealed!

Dramatic Details Of Ella Evans' Restraining Order Against Dad Ioan Gruffudd's New Girlfriend Revealed!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Ioan Gruffudd‘s 13-year-old daughter has filed for a five-year restraining order against the actor’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace after an alleged jaw-dropping fight the pair had at the embattled star’s El Lay apartment.

As Perezcious readers may recall from our reporting on this matter last week, teenager Ella Evans — whose mother is Ioan’s ex-wife Alice Evans — is seeking approval of a judge to grant a restraining order against her father, as well. And now, we know ALL the sordid and scary details that were outlined in the restraining order itself. Holy s**t, y’all…

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According to, which first reported the existence of the restraining order, an attorney filed the request in a Los Angeles courtroom on behalf of both Ella and her nine-year-old sister Elsie on the final day of May. A judge has yet to rule on the order, and will apparently do so later this month. But the allegations made in the filing are now newly unearthed — and extremely shocking, to say the least. In the filing, Ella claims she is “afraid that [Bianca] will abuse and/or continue to allow abuse to happen to my sister” if the five-year-long restraining order is not granted.

The incident reportedly occurred back on May 26, when the two girls went to their father’s apartment to meet Bianca for the first time. There, Ella allegedly got into an altercation with her dad which “began as an argument over Bianca’s presence at the property.” As part of the altercation, the teen admitted in the court docs that she started “hurling food” at the Harrow star, including pouring “milk on his bed,” dousing “mustard on the floor,” and throwing “raw oatmeal” at him.


After the disagreement bubbled up, the teen tried to run out of the house. However, Bianca allegedly “slammed the door on her head” as she attempted to leave.

Ella explained it all in the court docs:

“On Friday, May 26, 2023, I was at the West Hollywood Police Station which is where my parents make custody exchanges. My father picked me up, and he eventually drove me and my sister to his apartment for our overnight [stay]. I saw that my dad’s girlfriend, the Respondent, was at the apartment. I had known of the Respondent, but I had never met her before. I was so mad at my dad because this was an overnight visit, and I had told him in the past that I didn’t want to meet his girlfriend who was now his live-in girlfriend.”

Regarding the moment where she tried to flee the home, Ella wrote in the restraining order request:

“I was able to make my way around her, and I opened the door. I was able to walk halfway out the door, but while I was still in the door frame, the Respondent slammed the door on me, causing the door to hit me on the head as well as my arm. My arm got bruised, and I had small bump on my head.”

FWIW, the news outlet reports the court filing does also include “images of bruises on Ella’s arm and hand,” which she claims came about during the altercation.

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From there, as Ella allegedly ran from the apartment, Ioan chased after her:

“My dad caught up with me and he was trying to stop me from leaving, and trying to grab me, and I kept dodging him. I kept screaming, ‘Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!’ I was able to get away, and I ran outside with my sister [Elsie].”

Eventually, Ella phoned her nanny, Gloria Flores, and asked to be picked up. That woman was able to get the father of one of Elsie’s friends to show up on short notice and get the girls.

The next day, Alice saw the bruises on Ella’s arms and decided to call the police. The investigation unfolded from there, and five days after the incident — on May 31 — the restraining order request was filed.

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As it stands now, Ella is requesting Bianca stay at least 100 yards away from her for the next five years. She has also requested that Bianca pay her lawyer fees in the matter. But that request has not yet been granted. Per the news outlet, a judge will make a ruling on the case in about two weeks — on June 23.

Obviously, Ioan and Alice went through a long, bitter divorce battle — and then a vicious custody fight — amid their own breakup of the recent past. And also just as obvious, it’s plainly notable to see that Ella has requested a restraining order against her dad on the matter, too. (Though presumably not for five full years?? Jeez…)

Heck, this isn’t even the first restraining order that’s been tossed around here!! So it would seem things have not yet cooled down judging by this development. And something tells us there will be plenty more to come.

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[Image via Alice Evans/Ioan Gruffudd/Instagram]

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