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Alice Evans Shares Alleged Texts Showing Ex Ioan Gruffudd Is A Bad Dad & A Liar!

Alice Evans Ex Ioan Gruffudd Messages Daughter Ella

Alice Evans is bringing the receipts!

For the past year and a half, the Vampire Diaries alum has been on social media telling the story of how her husband of 13 years (and partner of 20), Titanic actor Ioan Gruffudd, suddenly left her and her daughters after being away filming a TV show in Australia. He just came home, told her he didn’t love her anymore, and basically ghosted her and the kids, she claimed.

Months later we learned he had a new girlfriend, an aspiring actress named Bianca Wallace, who just so happened to work on that TV show he’d been filming. Naturally Alice put two and two together and assumed he cheated on her first THEN decided to leave. But the ultimate betrayal was still to come when he filed for custody of their two girls.

That battle has been back-and-forth, but lately Ioan has been on the offensive with a legal filing that painted his ex as an abuser who berated him and caused their kids “emotional harm.” The Fantastic Four leader also implied he was just trying to be a good father, but that Alice was poisoning their daughters’ ears with hate.

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Well, the 53-year-old wasn’t about to take that slight lying down. She hit back on Sunday with screenshots of alleged text conversations between Ioan and 12-year-old Ella in which he comes across much more like the self-involved — or should we say Bianca-involved — cad Alice had been describing for months!

She captioned the first one:

“Anybody see a slight difference in the way my husband is presenting his relationships with his kids and the reality? This is just ONE text. You still all believe him?”

In the message, he rejects her request for a daddy-daughter date, instead chastising her:

“No, I won’t be taking you to a concert. The last time you and I spoke you threatened me with calling child protective services. You then hacked my Instagram and posted disgusting comments that made the newspapers.”

OK, ouch! Those do sound like some major offenses that could call for grounding or other punishment. We remember the hacked messages, which came as Ioan announced he was making a movie for his new GF to star in. But it’s the cold way in which he deals with her, like it’s all going through the legal department first! He writes in the unverified message:

“This isn’t a kind and loving father daughter relationship.”

He tells her she needs to go to therapy before they can spend time together like that:

“Until then, we cannot move forward like nothing happened as your actions have been far too serious.”

Alice Evans Ioan messages
(c) Alice Evans/Instagram

Alice posted another alleged convo in which Ella was asking to go with him and 8-year-old sister Elsie for a day together at Universal Studios. Once again he rejects her, this time over his young girlfriend, whose multiple sclerosis apparently makes it difficult for her to go out during the pandemic. He writes:

“No. Bianca needs to be extra safe for another few days because of medication she has taken for her MS.”

Elsie responds:

“Daddy I don’t wanna meet Bianca. I was just talking about me, you, and Elsie going to universal studios.”

He bats that away, explaining that even if Bianca isn’t there, she’s his priority:

“I am aware Ella. But I live with her and I need to be careful for her healths sake.”

But they’re willing to travel internationally together? Hmm… His response seems just as Alice portrayed — a man who is prioritizing his relationship with a 20-years-younger actress over a practically non-existent one with his daughters.

Alice Evans Ioan messages
(c) Alice Evans/Instagram

As Alice captioned the pic:

“What happens whenever my eldest asks to see her Dad. Some bulls**t reason that he can’t.”

The Highlander actress took particular issue with how he’s treating his new girl’s MS — considering how she says he treated her fibromyalgia. She wrote:

“By the way, I have been 50-80% bedbound with fibro for the past 13 years. He would say to me over and over when I told him I was sorry I couldn’t come to an event ‘I didn’t sign up for this! I didn’t sign up for life with a chronically sick person!'”

Yeesh. Speaking of her hashtag #liarslie, she posted one more message — this time to her back in August of 2020.

See, Ioan now claims he told Alice back in August 2020 that he was unhappy in the marriage during a visit while on break from filming Harrow — and that it wasn’t the rug-pull she’s portrayed on social media. But she has the receipts again: an email he sent her after leaving El Lay on that trip and landing at the airport in New Zealand. He is nothing but cute and couple-y with her, telling her:

“I love you to pieces to pieces!!”

Alice Evans email from Ioan
(c) Alice Evans/Instagram

Alice wrote:

“So…. He returned in August 2020 and told me he was unhappy on the marriage…. But sent me this? Anyone believe NOW that this man is a liar? He is a liar. Jesus. A liar and a perjurer. What sort of person writes these two completely conflicting pieces? Stop believing the lies!!”

Going to be tough for him to dispute that. But we imagine he will. Do YOU think these messages prove Alice has been right about Ioan all along??

[Image via Alice Evans/Instagram.]

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