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Ioan Gruffudd Granted 3-Year Restraining Order Against Ex Alice Evans

Ioan Gruffudd Granted 3-Year Restraining Order Against Ex Alice Evans!

It looks like Ioan Gruffudd got what he wanted…

It is no secret that he and Alice Evans have been locked in a bitter legal battle ever since she revealed to the public that the 48-year-old actor broke up with her and abandoned their family in March of last year. He then moved on with his new girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, soon after, leading the Vampire Diaries alum to believe he was cheating on her before pulling the plug on their marriage.

Things have become messy between Alice and Ioan. At one point, the Titanic star won a temporary restraining order in February, which forbade Alice from contacting or coming within 100 yards of him and Bianca. At the time, he alleged that his ex-wife “repeatedly told me between August 2020 and our separation on January 1, 2021, that if I left her, she would make false public accusations about me, sell false stories about me to the press and destroy me and my career.” Ioan also claimed she told people that he had “abused her and her daughters” and allegedly “threatened to write a fake diary that reflected an abused victim, and to have the diary published; and … threatened to destroy [his] mother.”

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He further stated that she has harassed him on social media and created “hundreds of harassing, abusive and threatening communications by text, voice message, [and] video message,” evening sending “threatening emails” to his mom, Margaret Griffiths. However, Alice denied the claims in the order, saying she believed this was “a ploy to gain some sort of advantage over me in our divorce proceedings.”

As we said, this divorce has been pretty nasty! And it’s only gotten worse, especially after Ioan filed for full custody of their daughters, Ella and Elsie. He claimed in the legal docs that the 54-year-old actress was an abuser who not only inflicted “emotional harm” on their girls but also constantly berated him throughout their marriage.

But not willing to back down without a fight, Alice fired back at his claims by leaking several text message exchanges between their 12-year-old daughter and him on Instagram. And it certainly backed the 102 Dalmatians star’s previous insinuations that Ioan hasn’t been interested in being a dad to their two kids. In one message, Elsie tried to set up a daddy-daughter outing but was quickly shut down by the Fantastic Four alum. He allegedly wrote:

“No, I won’t be taking you to a concert. The last time you and I spoke you threatened me with calling child protective services. You then hacked my Instagram and posted disgusting comments that made the newspapers. This isn’t a kind and loving father daughter relationship. A lot needs to happen before something like this can become possible. I am in therapy, you will need to go back into therapy as well. Until then, we cannot move forward like nothing happened as your actions have been far to serious.”

And Ioan apparently wasn’t standing for it. As we previously reported, Ioan demanded a judge to add more provisions to his restraining order against Alice since she has continued to use social media “to harass, threaten, and disturb the peace of both me and my girlfriend, Bianca Wallace.” He asked that she not be allowed to post anymore “disparaging or harassing” messages about him or Bianca on social media or to share any more texts between the two of them, their children, or Bianca. Additionally, the father of two requested that Alice not contact his employer to make any disparaging comments about him.

Now, it looks like his efforts were successful. On Tuesday, a judge in Los Angeles granted Ioan a three-year domestic violence restraining order against Alice and put harsher restrictions in place. A source stated to that Ioan, who was present in court to witness the order being granted, “had no choice but to up his legal fight over Alice.” They added:

“She had become increasingly volatile and seemingly intent on destroying his career with her character assassination. He hopes this will put an end to it.”

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[Image via MEGA/WENN, Alice Evans/Instagram]

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