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Jen Shah Has Become ‘Friends’ With Elizabeth Holmes In Prison?!

Jen Shah Has Become ‘Friends’ With Elizabeth Holmes In Prison?!

Apparently, Jen Shah has grown very close with a fellow fraudster inmate while in prison!

According to her rep Chris Giovanni, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alum has become “friends” with none other than… disgraced tech mogul Elizabeth Holmes! Yes, really! Giovanni told People on Thursday:

“They’re friends. They’re both rehabilitating and have bonded over being on this journey of positive change. Their situations brought them together, and they have a good understanding of one another. They’re getting through it together.”

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OMG?! As you may know, Elizabeth was convicted on fraud charges in January 2022 and later sentenced to 11 years in jail. She was caught for stealing millions from investors after falsely stating the technology from her company Theranos could run hundreds of medical diagnostic tests with only a few drops of blood.

Months after Elizabeth was sentenced, she was sent to the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, in May. That’s the same jail Jen has been serving time in for her role in a massive telemarketing scam that took millions from elderly victims. And during their time locked behind bars, Giovanni claims these two have developed a really good friendship. Ummmm OK! What could go wrong with that…

The rep shared that Jen has been very motherly towards Holmes, especially after the 38-year-old businesswoman gave birth to her daughter earlier this year. In fact, the 49-year-old reality star already met the inmate’s baby girl and was “very loving” to her and the momma:

“Jen’s given her a lot of advice. She’s even met Elizabeth’s baby and held her.”

Beyond bonding over motherhood, the pair also have been working out together. Giovanni said Elizabeth always attends Jen’s fitness classes called “Sha-mazing Abs.” What a name! LOLz!! He explained:

“Jen gets all the ladies together and they rally behind her while she teaches them fitness moves, and Elizabeth has been there right along with them.”

On top of running a workout class, the Bravolebrity has also been tutoring other inmates working toward a GED. Ultimately, Giovanni claims Jen and Elizabeth have “changed a lot behind bars” after forming a friendship. Hmm.

The television personality specifically has been looking “phenomenal” and “reunion-ready” and learning from her experiences about “being a better person”:

“Jen’s not anything like the show portrayed her to be. She’s so peaceful now. She’s still funny and has her one-liners, but she’s graduated from anger management classes and is much more grounded.”

Well how about that!

Did any of y’all expect these two to become friends?!?! Drop your reactions in the comments below!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Fortune Magazine/YouTube]

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