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'Frightened' Jen Shah Believes Prison Photos Were Taken From Someone On The Inside -- & They Are Capable Of Sharing Images MUCH More Violating

Jen Shah Is 'Frightened' Over New Prison Photo Leak & 'So Worried' The Next One Will Be Even Worse

Jen Shah‘s time in prison on her years-long bid for wire fraud charges just got a little bit scarier.

Earlier this month, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star was snapped in a set of photos while walking through the yard at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in the city of Bryan, Texas. But the pics weren’t just any old long-lens look from a paparazzi photog who peered in through the fencing from outside the camp.

Instead, Jen and her team think the images were taken from INSIDE the facility. And now, the surprising photo leak has the embattled Bravo-lebrity very concerned for her safety.

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On Thursday morning, Jen was the subject of a new TMZ reveal regarding the pics. The 49-year-old reality TV star was quoted in the outlet via her rep on the outside, Chris Giovanni. He relayed this statement to the news org with Shah’s shocked reaction to the pics being published:

“When I saw the photo and recognized the angle and location of where that photo was captured, I became immediately frightened.”

There’s a specific reason for that fear, too.

It’d be one thing if paparazzi photographers were peering into the prison facility from outside. But these pics, Shah is certain, were snapped by somebody “deep inside the compound,” as she relayed to the news outlet:

“I strongly believe the photo was not taken from the outside near the exterior gates, but rather deep inside the compound at FPC Bryan.”


The big worry for Jen is that whoever took the pics could be planning on snapping more. And obviously, those future pics could be captured from a far more private place than simply walking through the compound, as the former RHOSLC star noted:

“I am so worried that the next photo secretly taken of me could be in the shower, using the bathroom, or possibly changing my clothes.”

Feeling understandably violated by the whole thing, Jen believes the pics were some sort of an inside job.

Per the news outlet, the Bravo vet thinks “prison personnel took the photos.” And if staffers didn’t do it themselves, they may allegedly be “giving photogs access to take them.” That’s honestly creepy AF…

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As for how Jen found out about the pics in the first place, TMZ notes the reveal came about via other sympathetic inmates. At FPC Bryan, incarcerated women use video monitors to speak with family members who visit. During one of those visits, the family of an inmate in a neighboring booth showed Jen the images through their video screen.

For now, Jen has asked her husband Sharrieff Shah (pictured above, left) to contact the Bureau of Prisons over the matter. She’s hopeful they can start an investigation to determine how the photos came about. This week, Shah is said to be “currently in the process of writing a letter” to that federal government with the couple’s concerns. From there, it’s possible the federal bureau may take a deeper look at whatever is going on at FPC Bryan.

You can see the photos in question for yourself HERE.

If the pics really were taken from inside the facility, that’s definitely an unsettling situation. To think anybody could just creep around and possibly snap other pics of Jen in far more compromising positions… wow.

[Image via Up And Adam!/YouTube]

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