Jenelle Evans Is ‘Happy But Devastated’ About The New Custody Agreement Involving Her Son Jace

jenelle evans custody agreement over jace

Jenelle Evans may not have gotten the outcome she was hoping for, but, at least it’s something!

On Wednesday, the Teen Mom 2 star went head-to-head with her estranged mother, Barbara Evans, in court over the custody arrangement for her 7-year-old son, Jace Evans. According to the MTV celeb, her mother was granted primary custody of the child, but Miz Evans now has a set in stone visitation schedule.

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Specifically, the 25-year-old will get her kiddo on weekends, holidays and during the summer. As this stipulations wasn’t featured in previous custody agreements, the ruling could be viewed as a win for Jenelle!

While speaking with E! News, the TV personality shared:

“I’m not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore, and at the moment that’s all I care about. [I] just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day but today wasn’t the day, sadly.”

Oof. The meeting before the judge was certainly a tense one as Jenelle claims she “burst out into tears in the conference room” as the ruling was read. However, it’s said the judge issued a warning during the meeting. According to the mother-of-three, the court official said:

“…you need to start thinking about the child and not yourself in the future.”

Both Jenelle and Barbara signed the agreement papers, but a reconciliation is not on the horizon for these two. On her relationship with her mother, Evans explained:

“I’m really happy we could to a decision for Jace but it doesn’t change my feelings towards my mom. She still isn’t giving up my son to me but I will fight again in the future when the time is right… I’m happy but devastated at the same time that I didn’t take it to trial. But in the world of Jenelle, you learn to pick and choose your battles.”

That’s the spirit! Now, Jenelle is planning to continue her fight for full custody, but she’s waiting a bit before making a legal move. Apparently, the judge wasn’t satisfied with the fact that Jenelle was only engaged to David Eason. Whomp, whomp.

She added:

“[I will go back] maybe in a year, but I want the judge to see this new order has been in effect and [I’ve] been complying with it no problems.”

Regardless, the new custody agreement is already in effect so the reality TV star is focusing on spending Memorial Day weekend with her oldest and her other kiddos. We hope Jenelle and her family enjoy this time together and have a lovely long weekend!

Keep your head, girl, okay???

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May 25, 2017 11:55am PDT