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Jennifer Lawrence ‘Very Happy’ & Cannot Wait To Become A Momma!

Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly ‘Very Happy’ & Cannot Wait To Become A Momma!

Jennifer Lawrence is over the moon about becoming a mother!

In case you missed it, a representative for the 31-year-old actress confirmed the happy news of her first child with husband Cooke Maroney last week. While no other details were revealed at the time, a source close to Lawrence has since come forward with more insight into how the momma-to-be is feeling about her pregnancy. Speaking with People on Wednesday, they claimed that the Hunger Games alum is really “looking forward” to stepping into her new role in life, saying:

“Jen wanted a family for a long time and found an ideal mate whom she loves, respects and enjoys being around. She loves married life, and they have a solid foundation for a baby. She is very happy and looking forward to being a mom.”

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Regarding if she plans on halting her career in the future, the insider added that she wants to continue acting and plans to figure out some sort of work-life balance when her kiddo arrives:

“She loves her work and that will continue. Like other actors, she will balance her career and her life as a wife and mom. She will do it well. Jen is grounded and ready to be a parent because she loves family life.”

Nothing wrong with working and being a family person at the same time! Plenty of parents are in the same boat and make it work — plus, there is the fact that J.Law can definitely afford some extra help if she so chooses to go that route.

The source further explained that the Silver Linings Playbook star is incredibly “ambitious and craves her work” before adding:

“She knows a fulfilled mom is better than one who gives up what she loves then regrets it. I doubt that would ever happen with her.”

So true! As we said before, just because Jennifer is becoming a mom does not mean she has to give up her job! The couple has reportedly wanted to expand their family for awhile now, even talking about it before getting hitched in October 2019.  So we can imagine the two already had a game plan in place for work when she became pregnant! A source previously told Entertainment Tonight in June 2019 that Lawrence and Maroney were interested in having little ones soon, explaining:

“They both want children and have been discussing starting a family. Their families truly believe they are meant to be; his family loves her family and vice versa, so their parents are excited. Their parents get along so well and are all looking forward to big family get-togethers.”

Well, it looks like the pair finally got their wish! Still so incredibly happy for Jennifer and Cooke!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN]

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