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Twitter ROASTS Jeopardy! Contestant Who Mixed Up Janet Jackson & Ariana Grande!

Jeopardy! viewers are roasting a contestant on social media after he mixed up Ariana Grande and Janet Jackson!

People confuse Janet Jackson and Ariana Grande all the time, right? And so it’s no big deal this one happened on national TV while everybody’s stuck at home during self-quarantine… right?

That’s what a Jeopardy! contestant is probably telling himself right now after blowing it on what should’ve been a fairly simple pop music-related video question on Wednesday’s episode of the long-running quiz show.

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Alwin Hui, a consultant from Washington, DC, is the talk of social media right when he fumbled hard, despite having a video clip to help him out!

Here’s where things went wrong: the contestant selected the $800 clue in the Billboard Music Awards category, with Alex Trebek promptly reading aloud the question (below):

“As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took ‘Control’ and took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.”

For pop culture experts like us (and probably most of you!), that alone should’ve been enough to buzz in with Janet on the tip of the tongue. But Hui got even more help before answering when the 79-year-old host played a ten-second video clip of the 53-year-old icon performing her hit Nasty at the 2018 awards show.

As you can see (below), Hui buzzed in with a VERY wrong answer:

Ariana Grande?! Dude… WTF?? Did that look anything like Ariana Grande?? It’d be one thing just to have the text clue, but you got video, too, and that’s your response?! Unacceptable! LOLz!!!

Hui’s competitor Sarah Jett Rayburn thankfully put us all out of our misery by offering up the correct answer. She went on to win the episode — her fourth consecutive victory — and now has $89,300 in the bank to show for it. As for Hui, all he’s got to brag about is social media notoriety, because the poor guy got roasted on Twitter for the f**k up! Oh, no!

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Some viewers were forgiving, noting Janet’s high ponytail in the video clip was very similar to Ariana’s iconic style, which, sure, we get that. But other viewers were less kind to the poor consultant, with memes flying left and right almost immediately as Hui’s mistake hit the airwaves:

No kidding! One incredulous viewer added:

“did he really just say ‘who is Ariana Grande’ when they literally showed Janet Jackson on a video clue?”

While another made a self-deprecating crack about the incident:

“Ariana Grande??? No buddy that is The one and only Janet Jackson! The day I know an answer over contestants everyone should be concerned about our future!”

A third tweeter posted what we’re all kinda thinking, honestly:

“watching jeopardy is so funny bc these nerds can name famous cathedrals from the 1700s but this dude was shown a picture of janet jackson and said ariana grande … maybe i am smarter than him”

Just saying! LOLz!!! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Would U ever confuse Janet and Ariana?? Is that even a forgivable offense?! Ha!

Sound OFF with your reactions down in the comments (below)!!!

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