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JonBenét Ramsey Investigators Hid DNA Evidence Because They Were Convinced It Was The Parents?!

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There’s been so much talk lately of doing new DNA tests in the JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation, using the latest tech to heat up the infamous cold case. But it turns out the police may not have been using the DNA results they already had!

Last Friday, Fox News Digital revealed there was a DNA test in 1997 showing that the material found under the 6-year-old’s fingernails and in her clothes was NOT a match for her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. The test results were uncovered by author John W. Anderson as part of the research for his upcoming book about late investigator Lou Smit, Lou and JonBenet: A Legendary Lawman’s Quest to Solve a Child Beauty Queen’s Murder.

According to the author, the test results were given to one of the detectives on the case just three weeks after the crime. Certainly that should have been enough to — if not fully exonerate the parents — at least turn the magnifying glass away from them. Right? But those of us who have been following the case all these years know the Boulder Police Department did not re-focus their investigation. The parents were under investigation for basically the entire lifespan of the case — they were “under an umbrella of suspicion” for years, as investigators put it.

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Per the author, that may be because the detective who received the DNA results failed to share them with prosecutors for months afterward! WTF?! Should they have been ruled out much sooner?

Naturally, the Boulder PD don’t have the most satisfying response to this revelation, putting up that thin blue line as usual. Public information officer Dionne Waugh said in a statement:

“We recognize that many articles and books have been written about this tragic homicide. We have not read this newest book which, apparently, contains allegations from the late 1990s.”

You don’t have to have read the book to answer the specific allegation! Sheesh. She added the usual rap about how the Boulder PD is working hard to bring this one in, 26 years later:

“At present, this active investigation continues to receive assistance from federal, state, and local partners. Boulder Police is working with multiple agencies, including the FBI, the District Attorney’s Office, Colorado’s Department of Public Safety, Colorado’s Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and several private DNA laboratories across the country.”

John and Patsy weren’t cleared of any wrongdoing until 2008, when the District Attorney’s office finally did an internal review of the facts. That was too late for Patsy, who passed away from ovarian cancer in 2006.

As for John, the 79-year-old has been speaking out against the way the Boulder PD handled his daughter’s case. He said in a December interview with The Sun:

“The District Attorney told me their [Boulder PD’s] whole strategy for solving the case was proposed to them by a psychologist or the FBI – I’m not sure which, but I heard both. And they were told to just bring this intense pressure, ‘We know it was the parents, we just don’t know which one because they were both at the house.'”

What he said next appears to be right on the money given this new revelation:

“They were told: ‘Forget about the unidentified male DNA, that’s not important in this case,’ and then they used the media to increase that pressure on us. They released a lot of misleading information at best [to the press] and withheld the DNA thing, they didn’t tell the DA’s office about that for months.”

Whoa! He’s been talking about this for a long time! And no one was listening. He complained about how the cops made them look worse to the media, not telling them about the DNA either, obviously. Only it wasn’t to protect the investigation, it was to keep their bullying strategy going:

“So, the media piled on … ‘How disturbed must a father be to do that? He must be a real, real evil guy’ – and that was the police’s strategy. They thought one of us would confess and say, ‘well, it was Patsy, she did it, enough of this craziness’ or vice versa. That was the strategy. Their whole case against us was ‘we didn’t act right’ that morning.”

Their case certainly wasn’t based on DNA evidence. Damn.

What do YOU think of this revelation? Did the Boulder PD screw up forever? Did they blow the only chance to solve this thing??

[Image via Inside Edition/YouTube.]

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