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Father Kills 2 Daughters & Himself -- As Mother Is Forced To Listen Over Phone

Kaser Family Murder Suicide Sand Springs Oklahoma

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

What an absolutely unfathomable tragedy.

The entire community of Sand Springs, Oklahoma has been shaken by an unbelievable crime this week. Two local teen sisters, Clarissa Kaser, 19, and Crystal “Grey” Kaser, 14, were shot to death. And police say it was their father who killed them — before turning the gun on himself. Even more upsetting, he called the girls’ mother on the phone so she could hear it.

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Police say David Kaser, 56, was disabled and unemployed, putting him at home with the kids while his wife of 30 years, was at work. He called her up, angry and threatening to kill the girls and himself. The couple had apparently been having marital problems for a long time, with officers having been to the home on a domestic disturbance call in 2017.

As Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner put it:

“It probably isn’t the first time that they had this kind of conversation.”

However this time his threats were anything but hollow. The poor woman — who worked over 20 minutes away from the home — called police, telling them about the call, and that she’d heard a gunshot over the phone as her husband said to her:

“How do you like that?”


Police entered the home and found David, Clarissa, and Grey — all dead with a single gunshot wound, the father’s evidently self-inflicted. In one of the most disturbing statements we’ve heard, police told the press they actually know the motive for the crime and have made the family aware — but would not be sharing it with the public.

Speaking of the family, Kenan Kaser, one of the two girls’ surviving brothers, has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses. He began matter-of-factly:

“As many of you have seen in the news, there was a nightmarish tragedy in Sand Springs. My father murdered my two sisters, then himself. It was with a gun, it was fast, they didnt suffer. My family is in complete shock. Nobody could have predicted this.”

About his late sisters, he wrote:

“My sisters loved life, very much. They both had wonderful plans for the future, things looked bright. My father stole their futures.”

So true. Kenan also mentioned the “multiple debts” his mother inherited from his father in addition to memorial expenses. As of this writing, it’s less than halfway to its goal of $20,000. The entire community of the small Oklahoma city is feeling the loss. Sand Springs is a suburb of just under 20,000 souls. And yet, shockingly, this is the second murder-suicide there since January 30, when a man stabbed his wife and their two young children to death before killing himself.

What is happening in this country right now?

[Image via GoFundMe.]

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